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Identify ship models

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I suppose that you get these type of questions a lot:

I have been given by my father two wooden ship models and I would like to see whether there would be any demand for purchase of either of them.


I am aware that there is a large possibility that neither of these might not have any value. But I would like to check before they both end up in the fire place or maybe I can convert the wood of the small one to something more useful rather than keep it as a model.


I should add that they both need some restoration as you can see from the pics. You will find below the link to the photos.




Thank you for your time.

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The galleon quite nicely finished but not terribly historically accurate (for example, it has almost no rigging, and the sails on the foremast and the mizzen (rear) mast are wrong. Galleons didn't have any triangular sails except a single one on the mizzen mast, and that was a lateen sail with an angled spar at the top - the foremast carried square sails only, and the mizzen carried none). Having said that, it's an attractive model. The yacht is pretty simple and I can't really comment on it because I don't know enough about them.


If you want to keep them for sentimental reasons, go right ahead; otherwise perhaps you could find someone to give them to. It would be a shame to put the galleon, in particular, in the fire.If you're only interested in these ships from the point of view of selling them, I don't think either of them would be worth a large amount of money.



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Very unusual bowsprit arrangement on the gallion, mounted as if intended to swivel!

Current Build(s):

  • H.M.S Diana 1794 - Caldercraft 1:64 Scale


Completed Builds:





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