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Here's a link to a really neat youtube channel called Tips from a Shipwright. One of the things I particularly enjoy about model shipmaking is the extent to which many aspects of the modelling process resemble actual ship building. Planking in particular.


I wonder if any aspects of the techniques shown above can be adapted to the modeller's scale...

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Squaring up the edge of a plank, when it clamped flat onto a surface with a spacer is actually a common technique. I made myself a little tool for short lengths, but this idea can be adapted to longer lengths:




Here I use sanding blocks, rather than a plane, which works better for smaller scales.


Likewise, one could make a 'safe-edge' sanding block to bevel the upper edge of the plank.


As to marking off the planks as described in the video, you need to have access to the inside of the hull. Could be done on a plank-on-frames construction, if you are working upright and not upside down. Though workmen prefer to mark off on the real thing, on a model you better make templates from tracing paper, I think think.



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