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  1. Sorry....... for some reason i was thinking you was getting ready to plank........... so goe's my brain at age 68.
  2. Your stains look good. Here's an idea..... stain some planks with the first stain, some with the second stain, some with the third stain. Then cut your plank's from those, and take the cut plank's throw them into a paper bag and shake them up........ dump them out on your bench..... pick up a plank and set it...... grab another and set it etc...etc...etc. What you end up with is color variation on all your plank's, and the deck does'nt look like one color from stem to stern.😉
  3. I tip my hat to you. For the fact that you are going to scale plank the hull. That's the right way to do a hull.👍
  4. The day will come, and you will be with your husband again............... It's just a matter of time.............. And we are all here for a very short time.
  5. Gary, i think what you have on your hand's is artist block...... i read about this. i have the same problems weathering freight car's. their's something missing but you can't put your finger on it. remendy : cover up the project and don't look at it for a few day's. then when you view it you will see what's needed.
  6. your garboard is runing too far up the bow......... this will crowd the planks. look into more info on the garboard plank. and you will have to add drop planks where needed. but first get your garboard correct, then line it off.
  7. Will meet again........ like the song say's...... farewell for now Dan.
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