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  1. I used Chuck's method , here on my first build....... planks were edge bent all the way down to the garboard. i used a hair dryer on high heat....... get's plank hot real fast. i also used rubbing alcohol 70% type, to wet the plank with my fingers........ the alcohol evaporates faster.
  2. Here's a site i just bounce'd across while looking up angraf.......... maybe i'll make one of these and hang it from the p-26🙂 https://www.ecardmodels.com/product/1-24-little-boy-atomic-bomb-paper-model/ i did'nt see this at first but they got this one also https://www.ecardmodels.com/product/1-24-fat-man-atomic-bomb-paper-model/
  3. FINE WORK Gary ! you realy hit the nail on the head, with that tone of rust that is around the stack & bracket. that's the color you would see do to engine vibrations.👍
  4. another problem is the instructions on the rigging...... their is no ratlines. i think a vessel this size would have had ratlines. if you look over the rigging instructions............ then where do you tie the lines off etc.etc.etc. i found out about these book's on this site. the author only made two books on riggging and it was suggested to by both... and i did, and they answear all the rigging problems.... you can find them on ebay
  5. pic's of my virginia1819....... my first build..... and still building 🙂 study instructions.... thier missleading.... build deck furniture but don't mount it..... it will be in the way of making railings........ check your rudder, mine was to short.... had to make one from scrach. their was no water drain ports ( scuppers ) i had to make those from looking at the pic on the box........ one thing about this kit is...... you will get experince & education if you study here on this site......... go here to learn about planking http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-framing-and-planking-articles.php i plank'd my hull one time, if you chose to do this...... check the bulk head distance from one another, i faild to do this and as a result two planks dimppeld on me....... take your time , you are learning new things enjoy🙂
  6. Looking forward to following your next build....... you are a true master. 👍
  7. I marvel at the intence work that you did on those floodlights........ they look real......... the whole pilot house looks real 👍
  8. this AL kit has only 4 gun ports in the wrong place'es, has no scuppers, no gun ports at stern etc.... etc. that's what i mean about making the model correct..... i should have been more specfic.
  9. I want to thank all of you for yuor input on this subject. i bought this AL kit (mayflower) a few years ago, after i bought the AL Virginia 1819 (my first build) . i'm still working on the 1819 and still learning, when other projects are out of the way. so i thought it would make sense to research the mayflower before i atempt to build it. and that brought me to open this can of worms. a lot of work has to be done to this AL kit to make the mayflower model correct.
  10. I tend to agree with you Roger........ makes sence. however i read on the internet that it was the HMS MAYFLOWER at first..... and took part in chasing the spanish out of the english channel....... maybe it was painted when it was the HMS ??? if anything i read is true🙄
  11. here's a site....... you may already knowof it, but if not you mite find something......... i do weathering too. this is a o scale tanker i sold on ebay last winter. http://theweatheringshop.com/home.html

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