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If you are using Alaskan Yellow Cedar for Hull or Deck Planking

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Like everyone else, I cut my sheets from larger billets of wood.  Below you can see one of the these "bricks" of yellow cedar lumber.   It is a 2 x 6 that has been cut to 15" long segments.   In that same photo you can see a very large 1/4" sheet that was cut from the side of the brick.  It is pristine with no visible grain and the surface quality is beautiful which is what you want in a sheet of wood.   On top of that 5 1/2" wide sheet is a 2" wide smaller sheet literally cut from the same brick shown.   It was cut from the top of the brick instead.  Notice the ugly grain pattern that is quite evident and if you were to get this sheet you would not be a happy camper.....BUT



When I rip planking strips from a 1/4" thick sheet of wood, I dont want to use that wider sheet.  The useable visible face of each plank would have the ugly side showing when you used it on your model.  You would absolutely see the grain and it would probably not bend the same way......so   I actually use the two inch wide boards to cut all of my planking strips from.  I keep a steady supply on hand and even use wipe on poly on a portion of the "good" edge that will become the planking you see on the hull.   This makes it easier to pick wood that is the same color so all of the planks will match on your hull.  See the photo below which shows a portion of my 2" wide planking stock ready for milling.


Whenever I cut the planking strips for a project they are cut from these 2" wide pieces rather than the really wide sheets.  Its the proper way to rip planking strips.   I know that most people do the math in their head and figure they will get many more strips from the wide sheet sold at Syren....BUT...it will have a really noticeable negative impact on a well-planked hull.

You should buy these 2" sheets rather than get the really nice wider sheets when you need planking strips.  Most may be surprised and disappointed when they get the narrower boards until of coarse they start ripping strips from them which will be pristine and beautiful as you can see below.  I can get 20 strips 3/64" thick from each of these with a blade that has a .30 kerf....I hope this was helpful and insightful to those of you who might not be familiar with this or may be thinking of getting a Byrnes saw to mill your own planking strips.  I will call these " Planking Sheets" for milling planking strips  in my online store.  cuttingcedarplanks1.jpg


So when you see in the materials list a requirement for stripwood.....buy the "planking sheets" from my store.


They are just $3 each.  For every thickness.  But remember....these are only good for ripping planking strips.  For everything else you want the wider sheets instead.


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