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Good Morning kids!


I just wanted to post a couple of photos of some of the items that I have made to assist with my first build. They really are nothing fancy, their focus is on cheap and cheerful. I thought this might help for those of you looking for ideas on how to save some money with this already expensive project. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments please let me know and I will do my best to respond.


The photos below are the following.


A steam tube, guillotine for cutting specific angles and lengths, an adjustable keel rest and a lockable, adjustable keel clamp(which I absolutely love). I have also included a photo of the desk I made specifically to build this vessel. please excuse the strange colour. I entered into a rather weird negotiation with my girlfriend and somehow ended up agreeing to paint this desk "teal" in exchange for the permission to build it.



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Hello Bitter End, nice tools. Maybe others already know the trick but I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons of that last device, the one that seems to be a drawer slide installed on a clamp.






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Hi Bruce


My apologies for the delayed response, it has been a really busy week for me.


That device is essentially a plank with one Vee shaped hull rest secured to the plank and another secured to a drawer slide. I I then drilled 2 holes on either side of the rail and used to bolts with wing nuts and and a small piece of mdf to clamp down the slide to prevent it moving once it is in position.


Pros and cons.


Can be used for any sized hull

Can have minor adjustment so that the hull rests dont obscure the same part of the hull all the time.

You can also cut out a specific hull profile shape and secure it to the hull rests based on what you are working on and where on the hull you are working.




The drawer rail is rather long and sticks out fairly far which can be a bit annoying.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions.





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