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New member looking for 1/72 carronades / cannon


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Hello, I'm a new member from the the beautiful Peak District in the Northwest of England and I'm very pleased and excited to be a part of such a prestigious group of modellers.

My first build was the caravel Nina and flushed with success I went straight for the Sovereign of the Seas.

Big mistake, it's now sitting half built in drydock until I can acquire the skills and patience to tie the hundreds of knots required to make this expensive purchase worthwhile!

Meanwhile I would be very grateful for any advice/assistance in sourcing 1/72 24lb carronades and 3/4lb cannon for my current build of La Toulonaisse as I am not happy with the quality of the guns supplied with the Corel kit.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to MSW, it is a great place.

Concerning the guns: there was considerable standardization of the shape and proportions of guns. If you establish what the dimensions of the guns should be in 1/72nd scale you can then safely buy some generic barrels of the correct length (such as 24mm, 32mm etc) and know they are 'right'.

Several MSW sponsors carry such items.


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Gidday doktorvok and warm welcome from the land downunder.

I can only second Bruce's comments in post #2.

I have seen some fittings kits available here in The Land of Oz but I'll be buggered if I can locate the vendors at the present time. My point is you may want to look for one of these kits, in England or Europe. I am assuming that you may run into some other quality issues.

Regarding your comments on the Sovereign of the Seas, I too have experienced falling for a kit and not having the skills to complete her. I have learnt from the experience and revisited the kit so all was not lost.

La Toulonaisse is a good looking model and I have her in my stash. 

I will follow your progress and if I can I will offer advice as we go along.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.


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Hi there Mark, happy to know you & thanks for your response. 

I've found a nice kit from Caldercraft, it's an English carronade but I reckon I can modify the sled into a passable French version.

I will definitely revisit SotS, but i think I'll avoid 1/84th scale in the future!

Thank you for your kind offer of advice, I'm looking forward to future builds and discussions with your good self.

Best wishes,



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