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An rc winch at low cost -moved by moderator to appropriate forum area

Peter Cane

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I am currently building a fishing boat for my son.

He wanted the two booms that lay the fishing nets port and starboard that are pivoted at the bottom of the mast to fully operate via a winch.

So..I suppose it is nothing new but in order to make this ere winch I utilised a standard geared motor ordered from ebay ( China ).

These things cost pence now and because they are geared they have high torque.

I used a sewing machine plastic bobbin for the winch drum and wedged the difference between the motor shaft and the inside diameter of the bobbin with a piece of pine dowel sanded down on my drum sander.

The hole in the middle to house the motor shaft was hand drilled with an old hand drill!

It is not exactly concentric but acceptable for me in that it works well.

So if you need a low cost miniature winch...here you go!




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You can also find a wide variety of geared motors from companies supporting the robotics hobby.  ServoCity is m current favorite....

In progress:  

BlueJacket Lobster Smack 1/8 scale (RC)

1/96 Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane RC scratchbuild



1/144 scale USS Guadalcanal CVE-60 RC scratchbuild

Revell 1/305 USCG 327’ Secretary class cutter

Dumas 1/16 scale USCG Motor Lifeboat 36500 (RC)

Lindberg 1/95 USCG Lightship LV-112 “Nantucket” RC conversion



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