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  1. Hi Nils. I have not forgotten you but for some reason my answers did not get through. Now I am answering direct on the forum it should register okay. I like all your fine details. The stove was a good find. All the other details are glorious. Some while back you had some etched fish. Will you use them do you think? Pete
  2. Can anyone help me with which knots to tie when rigging up a yacht like above. I am really brain teased when it comes to knots. I have learnt so far to do a reef, bowline and a round turn and two half hitches. When instructions say to " lash" this to that, what knot do I use? Nearly every knot on the boat is a reef knot or a granny and then super glued to stop it falling apart. For example ....I need to fasten a piece of chord/ twine to an eyelet.....which knot please? Pete
  3. Trying to remark the waterline to where it should be was a challenge as I could not mark it with a pencil onto a varnished hull. My son came up with the idea of using a laser beam. It worked great. I held the boat steady whilst he put the masking tape on. Got to have been done before but we were chuffed to have thought of it. Pete
  4. He she is finished and test sailed in the swimming pool. Not much wind though. I did not like the gloss grey bottom so I am repainting it matt rust colour.
  5. Wow!!! I love the curves over the beam. I bet you are smiling now Nils. I want on . I want one !!! Got the book and thats a start. Pete
  6. Hi Nils. I find being able to speak openly increasingly difficult especially with these days of political correctness but my overuling instinct is honestly. I absolutely cannot say I like something if I do not as that is against my ethos. If I do like something I tend to over praise but that is just me as I have been immensley pleased by something or someone. Yes I criticised the quality if the brass castings because as soon as I saw them my instinct said "Ahhh no!!!" I think I have critisised in a positive way as you are now thinking of going for turned brass port holes and to be honest i do not think you will regret it. I am pleased you took what I wrote in the spirit it was intended and that is...." How your boat looks when finished ". Geert. It is absolutely okay to disagree and I am really pleased you do. Hearing all points of view opens up the mind to different concepts and solutions and creates interest. My solution is but only one idea. Pete
  7. Nils. I like the beech liner. It sets it all off. The boat is starting to look busy now which is all good news. I like the sliding hatch within its brass runners. Neat job there. Re the brass cast port holes. If I were to say I liked them, I would be a hypocrite. So I must be honest with you. I do not like them. I like the principle of brass port holes and have seen some lovely examples of turned port holes in brass that look splendid. The ones I saw are made by a guy in the UK who has all the CNC machines to do them. He is reasonably priced as well. They are non opening . You have spent so much time,thought, energy and expert modelling techniques on this wonderful model I think those particular port holes are not up to your standards! Oh dear...i think i have just lost a friend by telling the truth about what i think? Pete
  8. Old pond yachts sounds very interesting to me. Did you get your answer? Would you be kind and post a picture of the yacht requiring repair? Many thanks Pete
  9. The radio gear, cleats, eyes, and rudders have now been added. The other Brando has had the same treatment. I am busy now making the masts , Gaffs and booms. Pete.
  10. Thanks for your good advice. I will not abandon ship but shelf it until I know better what I am doing and have built a few more simpler sailing yachts with RC and winches. If I can think of a way of lightening it, I will feel better about it. The rudder will have to be redesigned so that it isn't angled but straight. It will have to be a lot larger than the scale version. How large the keel and rudder must be will be found out literally by trial and error in a swimming pool with me in it!! I need to hit upon some kind of electric tool that will grind/ saw/ hack away the vast majority of the bulkhead and keel after the hull is planned. Pete
  11. The very first warning on this thread by Chris is so true. I now find myself a victim of this. I am not ashamed but grateful that I have learnt from these words now and not persisted with something that I inwardly know is wrong from the start. Firstly I am an experienced modeller and have eye opening capabilites and have produced beautiful models and musical instruments. But not ships or boats... and that's the point!!! I have the skills but in order to know a skill we have to start to learn that new skill....for example planking a hull correctly!!! I bit off more than I can chew with making a huge 6Ft 6" long RC Sailing version of Bluenose. The challenge is too much for me. There are so many things that are likely to go wrong with this that the whole project is destined for disaster and it will take me a good deal of time in terms of years and a lot of money to prove that I I was right in thinking it's wrong to carry on....bin it now!. My 48 year old son is very keen for me to carry on with it but he does not fully understand the whole picture between the differences and adjustments to be made with a model verses the real thing. False keels for example but there are lists of other things that have to be thought about when choosing a working sailing model. I could harp on but I think I have made my point. I will feel better to dump Bluenose entirely. Now for the good bit which coincides with what Chris s said about making simpler models. For the past three weeks I have been busy making two Radio controlled simple hard China models called Brando. I have entered build logs on them on this forum. They are almost complete!!!!...You know what?...... I have had more peace of mind, less stress and a huge helping of satisfaction and enjoyment out of making these two charmingly simple models. They were supposed to be made from balsa wood for simplicity so I already pushed boundaries by making them from ply and beautiful hard woods. I have just started the preparations for another RC yacht sailing model designed by a wonderful guy called Gary Web. Gary has built his own full size yachts, is a sailor modeller and model boat designer. I have taken his mastery and skills on board, bought the plans for another simple hard Chine yacht ( but this time bigger than Brandi a footy ) from him a nd am already enjoying making all the patterns for it from card. I have seen this design " Emma" on several videos sailing beautifully so I know she works!!!! The fun in boat modelling is back!!! So to summarise..... I have learnt my lesson. I am taking heed of expert advise. I am modelling now within my bounds. The chances of success are very high. The build will not take forever and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel even right now. I have learnt that KISS works. I do want to have a go at planking a hull properly and one day hope to make a small static model of a boat like one of our forum members are building. I now have the literature to help me and also his expertise to follow when I need help. But I will not in future go it alone on a massive project until I am fully conversant with what it takes. I am happy to be a humble copy cat. Perhaps that might be a good name for my new boat!!! Pete
  12. Yes...a simple vessel like a rowing boat!!! I have often thought of doing just that and seen some nice longboat kits around just to keep my hand in with the planking. When I first looked at model long boats, rowing boats and the like, I naively thought " what's the point"?....why don't they make a proper boat? But it is only when one actually tries to clinker a boat one quickly realises where the point is!!!!! Pete
  13. I had not thought about that but you have a valid point there. I would say the one with the more perpendicular mast will be faster as it should catch just that little bit more wind but I really don't know. Pete
  14. Superb. Beautifully modelled. If you did not come up with an idea for the brass rub rail here's my two pence. Get some brass rod of the correct diameter and anneal it. Then clamp it at one end to the bench and draw file it away from the clamp until you have the section you want? Pete
  15. Ab. You are an inspiration to me. Firstly in an earlier image on this thread there was a table full of unfinished boats. This has made me feel a lot better as I have side tracked myself to making two other little models when I should be doing the big one which will take years. Most of all...your card modelling and cannon builds using rolled and glued paper. It's brilliant to see modelers being resourceful. Who needs a lathe? It is nice to have a jewellers lathe with all the trimmings and even nicer to have the money to get that lot....but a good outfit is horribly expensive. Meanwhile you inspire me greatly using just basic things and a huge imagination. There is a lot to be said for card. I am a railway modeller also and have read articles and seen photos of exquisite modelling of steam locomotives made of........Yes......CARD! These are also all working running models. Even the chassis are of card. Trouble is nowadays it is expensive to get the type of card they use. Thanks for the education. Pete
  16. I think you have done a wonderful job. Planking a hull is extremely difficult and I echo what you say about having respect for the old ship builders. They were artists in their own right. Love the centre board. Pete
  17. Both Brandos now with stands!. One mast cants back more than the other. Oh well c'est la vie. Or what ever it is in Italian as they are Italian designed. Pete
  18. I am now at the stage whereas before I start fixing rudders and removable keels on , I need to make a stand for the boat. The stand serves four purposes. 1 To hold the model steady whilst working on the rudder and radio linkages. 2 To display the model. 3 To keep the boat safe whilst at the pond/ lake. 4 To transport it on my bicycle. I travel nearly everywhere on my super electric bike now and that will include a pleasant trip out with Brando for a few hours of sailing. I will figure a way of attaching the masts to the base of the stand with the furled sail. The boat is held to the stand by a strip if bicycle inner tube made fast one end by a U shaped staple and the other end is fastened to a split pin eye which locates in a hole underneath so when tensioned it cannot slip loose. I have adopted my normal finishing by giving the stand a good douse of linseed oil. Pete
  19. Richard very much indeed I was joking!! I was trying to indicate that pirates and ships go together but it went the wrong way. My apologies. Pete
  20. Both Brandos now have Wales, Toe Rails and Rub Rails fitted. If you are from UK you may appreciate my following silly humour..... If this were to be made by Jonafan Woss...it might weed...... Boaf Bwandos now have Wales, Toe Wails and Wub Wails fitted. All the Werrs and wubble yous all muxed up. Sorry!!!! Wales are from western red cedar toe rails from walnut and the rub rails from planed down and shaped birch which bends without heat needed. I show the little tool I made from a scraper steel to form the rub tail. The cabins now have a port and a starboard hole each!! I made patterns for everything on this model. Here you see the patterns from styrene sheet for the small detail like the tiller arms and mast and gaff claws adjacent to the actual ones from 1.5mm birch ply. Okay I know it is essentially a sailing toy but I have tried to make it pretty and in keeping with model ship building...that is....utilising nice and complimentary woods to make it look like a Victorian built toy. I will soon be mounting the Radio gear in it. You can see by the bottom image that I have not got things quite right. It does annoy me a bit but I am happy enough with the knowledge that I am totally imperfect as perfection must always be to strive for otherwise there is no point in it. Pete
  21. I think I have got it Nils. So what I see when I look at picture is a completely glued up plug. That is to say the bulkheads / forms , are glued to the base board?. Thanks. Really sorry to be so stupid. Pete.

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