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Artesanía Latina San Juan Nepomuceno

Murcia 66

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First off all, many thanks to all who welcomed me to your forum. Like I said I am not new to model ship building been at it for over 35 years. The reason for sending this post is after spending the last 3 years scratch building HMS York D98 at 1.96 scale from the Jacadin plans I decided to to build a kit. After having a look around I chose the artisaina Latina model San Juan Nepomuceno, as I started my wooden ship modeling hobby with there little scottish maid, and thought that artisaina were good kits. Well what a big disappointment it was when the kit arrived. The plans did not match the photos the photos did not match the written instructions and all of the plans and literature with the kit were obviously from the early kit. The bow and stern sections are completely different from the plans and if you fit them as described then you can't get the lower gun decks cannon support timder in. After a 7 month build and a lot of modifications you do end up with a nice looking ship, but if you are thinking of building this kit please take a lot of care before you glue anything, our contact me and I will run you through the pitfalls. Hope this helps someone out. 👍

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Hi Renato, nice looking ship you have built. Here are a couple of pics of mine. I actually changed quite a bit on this ship as a lot of it was quite not correct, I moved the 2 lines of gun port as on any man of war the ports would not have gone above the rubbing stakes also I made some post out of brass at the mid ship section and then attached some netting as again this would not have been left as in the kit (all the crew would have been in the drink lol). Hope you like the pics.

All the best 




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