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Benjamin W Latham by Dandyfunk - Model Shipways - Scale 1:48 - American Fishing Schooner

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I am finally resuming wooden ship kit building with Model Shipways' Benjamin Latham-American Fishing Schooner.  I mentioned in previous posts that I had started the kit a number of years ago as my second build and intended to complete it.  When I looked at the work already done I found the results unsatisfactory based on my current skills and that a tremendous amount of rework was required to get the kit to an acceptable condition.  So, I took advantage of one of Model Expo's sales and decided to start from scratch.  Following are pictures of the kit box and the new packaging plus photos of the center keel with the keel/stem, stern post and the bulwarks installed.  I have cut the rabbett and done some tapering on the bulwark stanchions.  The plans provide cuts to be made on the bulwarks to fair the hull prior to installing but I decided to fair the bulwarks after I installed them.  That is one reason I added the spacer supports between the bulwarks and used epoxy to install the bulwarks.  I have got the transom curved but will need to be careful with installing it to get the proper angle.


I am looking forward to this build, I anticipate it will be a lot of fun and provide a lot more rigging detail than I have done on previous builds.  It is also a big enough scale to permit a lot of detail to be added as I desire.






Dan B


Current Build: Benjamin W. Latham-American Fishing Schooner, MS


Previous Builds: Willie L. Bennett-Chesapeake Bay Skipjack, MS; Lewis & Clark Keelboat, L & C Replicas; HMS Sultana-Colonial Schooner, MS; Glad Tidings-Pinky Schooner, MS 


Future Build: Emma C. Berry-Sloop-Rigged Well Smack, MS

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Looks great Dan! I know what you mean, when you go back and look at your old work, with your current skills, its rough. A fresh start is always good! Keep me posted on your progress! 



"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

"A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder."


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U.S. Brig Syren - Model Shipways

18th Century Longboat  - Model Shipways


Future Builds: 

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Taurus Steam Towboat - Model Shipways

Mayflower - Model Shipways

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HMS Victory Cross Section - Corel

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Glad to see you are starting a build log for this model kit.  I have this one on the shelf for after I finish with my Phantom build. This seems to be a rare build as there was almost no info on this kit or anything related to it on MSW 1.0.  Keep this bad boy going and I will be sure to check in as you progress.  Good luck!






"We should not moor a ship with one anchor, nor our life with one hope."



Current Build: Benjamin Latham, Model Shipways


On Hold:  Pilot Boat Phantom, Model Shipways


Completed Builds:  Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiff, Midwest;  The Dinghy, Midwest;  Sharpie Schooner, Midwest

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I will be watching too I have been tempted quite a few times to buy this kit - and I still probably will. I am like you - could find very little info on it vi the forum. Most build logs I was looking for.

So you can blaze the way - and all the pitfalls will be highlighted before I start :)

Current builds:

MS Syren

HM Suppy

Dos Amigos





Schooner for Port Jackson

MS 18th Century Longboat

Bounty Launch

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The Latham is a great looking model.  It is the one I decided to scratch build many years ago.  However I am working at a scale of 1/96 which made things a little difficult.  You will have a lot of pleasure and fun.  Get a hold of Chappeles The Fishing Schooner.  This book will be very useful as you go along.

David B

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