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  1. Looking for model ship builders living in Cairns. I am in the process of packing up house and have lots of boat stuff to relocate as I can't take anything with me. I have posted in the for sales - but I would be willing to give some supplies away if I can't sell. Hate to have to throw it in the rubbish. Meredith
  2. Syren, Supply and Dos Amigos as part builds are available. Links to build logs in signature. Have lots of lovely Chuck supplies too for these builds along with beautiful replacement woods etc.
  3. I am on the move again - this time - probably overseas. Is there anyone in Cairns Australia that would be interested in all my boat stuff. Tools, a kit or two, two part completed boats, general supplies... woods, glues, paints, All sorts of stuff. Few tools - eg Byrnes rope walk, Russian serving machine... Proxxon stuff.... Possible I MIGHT be able to transport things to Sydney/Canberra areas - or places on the way from Cairns to Canberra. No promises on that part. Very sad to see the stuff go - but I have to be realistic and accept the fact I will never get back to boat building.
  4. I like that.... I have to get more wood.. Ohh no... no more room.. Gotta drink me some more whiskey.
  5. I used some brass sheaves from RB Models - also available from Cornwall model boats and a few other places. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/rb-rigging-sheaves.html
  6. The new colour for belaying pins.. The problem with the trestletrees.... From Lennarth Petersson's book.... sure its just one pic - but all the other examples he uses are pretty similar So I dont think I need to copy the heavy metal kit supplied top trestletrees.. I would have thought just the same as the bottom ones - only a bit smaller in length and width.
  7. Just working on the masts - after fixing the color of the belaying pins - removed the blocks on the tiller - and i think I will change the size of the rope on the cannon while it's easy to get to. I have re made all the ply pieces on the fore mast in pear - but they also supplied a rather chunky metal piece that is supposed to be the top trestletree. I will re make it - but the shape is weird. From all the pictures in the two Lennarth Petersson books I have - they should just be a smaller copy of the lower trestletrees. I have looked ahead with the very brief instructions and I cannot s
  8. Many thanks Russ. I actually have some brass pins - so I will have a look at them re scale and I have some patina which would turn them brown ( not black )
  9. Thanks so much for the feedback Hamilton. You have said what I was thinking. So I think I will go with that unless some else comes up with suggestion I can consider
  10. Ok... glad I got that solved - I changed to Google Chrome and photos uploaded from my server exactly the same way it always used to work. Now I can happily go back to my build
  11. Might notice - I have missing cannon balls - the cat lost them - not me. So I have some on order. I did finally do the head timbers - they are not right - I know.. but that's the way they stay. I hope to do a LOT better on the next build and have the right size timbers to make them properly. Once again I improvised. The copper plating is now very aged looking - I haven't wiped it or anything yet... I also added a little thingie round where the rudder goes into the hull to neaten it up a bit. Need to lash the anchors to the hull.. maybe I will do that next - but I do need a coup
  12. I have a couple of questions - if any one can help... 1. Should I leave the belaying pins natural wood - of make them black?? 2. the rope on the canon - should it be thicker.... before I glue things down (sick of the canon falling over every time I bump it ) 3. The blocks on the tiller ropes - I think they are too big/long - are they?
  13. Nope - for some reason I still cannot use photos from my own server. I have to upload them to the site... I am missing something really obvious it seems.. Photos of progress so far..
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