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Cutting holes on a deck

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Hi all,


A question..


I've deck planked Vanguard Models' Lady Eleanor Fifie and am wondering how best to cut similar holes to those shown on the supplied pre-formed deck (see below).


I've managed to cut the main fish hatch by drilling a series of 1mm holes, using side cutters to 'join' the holes and then a Dremel cylindrical sander to clean up the hatch edges. However, the other openings are smaller and more fiddly.


Ideally I'd like a plunge cutter with a 1/8" (4mm) blade, say, to do most of the heavy lifting but I don't think such a tool exists. I have a full sized oscillating multi tool  (https://fein.com/en_uk/machines/oscillating-multi-tools/multimaster/multimaster-mm-300-plus-start-72297261240/ )   but it's relatively large, aggressive and it's smallest tool width appears to be 10mm.


I know I can 'muck through' and cut the holes by drilling, cutting, filing etc but I'm always looking for the easiest  way to do things but with an acceptable result.


Anyone got any suggestions,








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Ah, OK B.E. - thanks.


Fiddly little cut outs - I didn't think of removing the timber knees locating pegs ;-\ ...doh.


Micro chisel - yes, something like that was floating around in the back of my head but I couldn't quite grasp it. But now that you mention it I feel another tool set investment incoming.


Thanks again,






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