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  1. Erik, I think the $855 one must have been a scammer...chancer. But $65 seems similar to the going rate in the UK, from what I've seen. My copy, IIRC, was £30 + £4 pp 'in good condition' with a (tattered) dust jacket...delivery in about a week. It will make a pleasant change from reading Kindle books....I'm looking forward to reading it Richard
  2. Erik, Two good links you have provided there. - so much info therein. Earlier today I had been wandering through a website which had hundreds of pics of old (mostly) UK fishing vessels (...I've bookmarked it on another computer so will edit the link in to here tomorrow) and I saw a pic of a very sleek looking Zulu...so I clicked on the Comment below it which said the pic appears in 'Edgar March - Sailing Drifters'...I then read up on that book, tracked down a copy and bought it. ...delivery in a week or so. A few minutes after all that I saw that B.E. made reference to
  3. Erik, Your hull's livery is looking very attractive and very sharp. And thanks for sharing the 'lettering' research. Next task before I varnish, I want to put registration numbers on the side of the hull. That way I can varnish over them and protect and unify the finish. You (and B.E.) got me thinking 😉 .... my Fifie may be getting some late lettering additions during the winter months. Regards, Richard Edit: A list of current Fishing Boat Registration Letters ... https://www.findafishingboat.com/article/fishi
  4. I use a small finger plane to take it down in an octagon shape and then sand. In spite of owning a small Proxxon wood lathe I did what you did Justin on my Fifie's masts, and it worked a treat. I didn't expect it to be so quick and effective but ...well, I learn something every day. I think for longer masts I may still use my lathe, but using a miniature plane and sanding proved quick and convenient on my last build. Richard
  5. DAP Rapid Fuse Adhesive. Thanks for the heads up. Doesn't seem it is easily available in the UK ...well, not without £15 delivery charge on the £17 bottle...gulp.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/DAP-00157-Adhesive-Building-Material/dp/B01DA6X1OC I notice some Amazon Customer Reviews warning to wear gloves since it is extra super sticky...which all CA glues tend to be anyway. I've added it to my Wishlist and will watch for it becoming a free delivery Prime item 😉 Richard
  6. Hi Bob, White wood glue - Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA eg Titebond) is absolutely fine for deck and hull planking and takes a few minutes to 'grab' giving plenty time for adjustments. It sets hard in about 24 hrs. Some members occasionally use Super Glue (aka Cyanoacrylate, CA) for quick setting (10 secs?) joints on difficult hull planking, say. Super Glue Gel takes a little longer (30 secs?) to set so gives a little adjustment time. But CA does stick your fingers together! Contact Adhesive is used for sticking soles on shoes...it has a rubbery texture. I wouldn't
  7. B.E., Looking good. Bet you're so glad the reef points are all done now 🙂 But they really do add to the look of the sails....once you've seen sails with reef points you can't unsee them on other boats. And I like the 'recent acquisition'...I've had one on my Amazon Wishlist for a while but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I hadn't thought of it as a 'sail holder' but it seems ideal for that...as no doubt many other uses. Hmm. Regards, Richard
  8. Interesting contrast in the architecture in the backgrounds of the two pics. They have some splendid buildings. Richard
  9. Hi all, Bill Penz's blog is a bit of an eye opener ... https://billpentz.blogspot.com/ Apparently it is the extremely fine dust that we cannot see that is the real problem. Richard
  10. ...the raid by the CMB'S BY Capt Agar You got me reading up on that. Commodore Augustus Willington Shelton Agar VC, DSO, RN and Sir Paul Henry Dukes KBE sure lived life to the full. I don't know if they make them like that anymore. Richard
  11. Jim, That sounds like a very interesting and enjoyable visit. I've never been to Russia but have had a very liquid 'lunch ' with some Russian pilots and engineers at the Farnborough Airshow...they were great guys and had some some amazing stories to tell - nothing sensitive, just Vodka talk. I've found that almost all nationalities get on with each other...it's just respective Governments that muddy the waters. I wonder what fishing boats were historically used in Arkhangelsk? OK, off on another Google search....;-) Regards,
  12. 'The thing I like about the model Tanks.... ' That is quite a tank... if you photoshopped that in to a Russian landscape I wouldn't doubt it was real. Be careful though....you might get a Russian knock on the door asking for their tank back! And please keep the paintings coming .... they are as enjoyable as the builds. Regards, Richard
  13. Hi John, Your Bluenose build is looking very good. Bluenose has now appeared on my to-do list....I like it's shape and there is plenty of info about. Your first post analysing the 3x kits available is very useful. As a relatve newcomer myself I am still find interesting and useful tools to buy 🙂. The small plane you bought is the same one I bought. And I've also discovered razor saws....very useful and they make a straight 0.008" wide cut eg ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DPUGL7W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Hi Capt Nemo, I was reading up on Bluenose builds in general and found yours...it's very good. I'm pretty much new to this hobby myself and you are asking/thinking all the questions I ask. Yes, 'contact adhesive'... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evo-Stik-Impact-Adhesive-347908/dp/B0001P03S8 ....good for kinda fixing many things but leaves an ugly edge/watermark. Normally you spead the adhesive on both surfaces and then let it dry for a few minutes before bringing (contacting) the two surfaces together. Once together, that's it....no real scope for 'adjustmen
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