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  1. Glenn, So much fine detail and a perfect colour scheme is a feast for the eyes. You'll be happy but sad that's she's finished 🙂 Great stuff. Richard
  2. Excellent. Precise, to the point video. Do you need to choose a depth of field that throws the background out of focus, just in case there is a minor wrinkle ? Or does PhotoShop Clone stamp take care of that? Thanks, Richard
  3. Glenn, GlennBarlow|Photography Yes blatant self promotion Wonderful pictures. Each one deserves a good, long look. But, what's going on with the sliding stone on the dry lake bed?...the wind, or a feral Roomba Robot vacuum 😉 Richard
  4. Derek, Excellent! You've shown me what is possible 😉 Yes, there are loads of good photographers on here and it's great that they are prepared to share their experience and give tips. Richard
  5. a feature in Photoshop I am using frequently is the geometry correction. Yes, once I discovered there was a PS method for correcting barrelling and pincushion there was no going back. But it probably led to a bit of laziness when clicking the shutter button. Richard
  6. It would appear from the posts in this thread and viewing a lot of the builds on the website that we cover almost the complete gamut of photography skills from enthusiastic part timers to highly skilled and experienced togs. One thing I would note, and it is something I am guilty of, is that one needs to become really familiar with one's photography equipment. These days I use my 'big' camera kit (a Panasonic 4/3rds) infrequently and usually take the route of least resistance .... my Android phone (less buttons and settings to think about). But Summer is arriving so I w
  7. BTW, if you are interested, here are my own modest attempts: https://www.imago-orbis.org Wefalk, I perused your website shortly after I joined MSW and apart from being very impressed by the excellent locations you visited, the photography also caught my eye. I particularly enjoyed your Speaker's Corner pictures. I visited there a number of times whilst I was living in London from 1972 to early 80s...perhaps we may have been in the same small crowd that used to gather round the Speakers. Some were downright crazy but some were making excellent points.
  8. There is a strong local attachment to Unicorn in Dundee, Yes, there has been an awful lot of money spent on the Dundee waterfront iover the past few decades Dundee has really upped it's game. It would be difficult to imagine the local power brokers letting HMS Unicorn leave Dundee. But mabye there could be some kind of horse trading done with Hartlepool? Richard
  9. Just looked over this Ken Rockwell's Web-site. The guy seems to have his nose pretty much up in the air and he prides himself being an 'artist', I feel. His pictures are colourful, but not that much more. Yeah, that kinda sums Ken up. A lot of his comments are tongue in cheek though. He does like 'vivid' pictures. I still think he does take pictures that capture the emotions of the places he visits eg Yellowstone. Richard
  10. B.E., Those pictures are excellent. Thank you. And glassy waters 😉 So the two models in the glass case .... both are HMS Unicorn?...one at a smaller scale and the other how she will look when one day she is returned to her former glory? She'll make a magnificent model. It seems sufficient budget had been found .... https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/hms-unicorn-secures-funding-to-restore-model-of-port/ ...and the restoration work will by Will Murray of the The Scottish Conservation Studio, Hopetoun House, South Queensferry .. https://www.sco
  11. ISO/ASA 50 film had a much finer grain than ISO 200 Yes, indeed it had. I shot mostly B&W back then (the home darkroom set up was much simpler than colour). B&W also had a certain appeal to me...I think it was because the shapes and composition were the eye catching points, rather than the colours. But these days I rarely convert a colour image to B&W.... thought - I wonder if my Panasonic GX80 can switch the viewfinder to B&W? Richard
  12. This looks like quite a challenge.. HMS Unicorn goes under the microscope for preservation project ..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-56818539 "HMS Unicorn is the oldest ship in Scotland and one of the six oldest ships in the world. The 46-gun frigate was built during peacetime and launched in 1824, spending its early life in reserve, anchored on the River Medway. HMS Unicorn was moved to Dundee in 1873 to become a training ship for the Royal Navy Reserves. It was almost scrapped in the early 1960s wh
  13. Glenn, Yes, it was a general statement 'brighter is better', all other things being equal. The more light one has to begin with the more flexibilty you have with the camera settings. I remember reading Ken Rockwell's site quite a number of years ago when he was talking about film photography ( https://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/modern-exposure.htm ) and he mentioned he generally used ISO 50. I couldn't understand that - here in Scotland I was struggling to use ISO 200 to get sufficient flexiblity between aperture and shutter speed. Then I realised that where Ken lived
  14. "... lightweight microphone tripods ..." Ah, you've reminded me I have a full length mic stand and at least a couple of desk mic stands, somewhere. The snag with my LEDs is that they don't have a 1/4" Whitworth thread ...but tie-wraps, at a pinch, could hold the head onto a stand. But, to be honest, I think what I've got at the moment is worth persevering with, for a while. The only slight drawback is that they are not height adjustable...but that is what a thick book is for 😉 Richard
  15. That looks very convincing. Yes, PS is a great tool - I'm very rusty on it and am currently using paint.net for my needs. A quick snap of my 'new' set- up ... Total outlay appx £46. Lights £30 + backdrop £16. I'll need restraints on the tripod feet or they'll be meeting the floor soon. There's some stray light off mirrors but that can be sorted. It's a bit blurry but gives an impression of the light brightness available from the (non-adjustable) 2x LED lamps. They'll never get close to sync'd flash but for current needs good enough. I didn't bother ad
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