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SNR - HMS Hood 80 Years since loss


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Good afternoon everyone

i was asked by a MSW member to put this out

its a podcast by the SNR ( The Society for Nautical Research)


Iconic Ships 3: HMS Hood with Eric Grove

A very special episode in our new Iconic Ships series, published on the anniversary of the loss of HMS Hood in 1941. HMS Hood is without doubt one of the Royal Navy’s most famous ships. A battle-cruiser, laid down in 1916 and launched in 1918, she was the largest battle-cruiser ever built and the largest warship of any type in the world for twenty years. She enjoyed a correspondingly high profile which rendered her loss, with all but three of her crew, particularly potent. On this day in May 1941, whilst hunting the mighty German battleship Bismark, Hood was struck by several German shells, exploded, and sank in just three minutes.

This week is special not only for the subject but also for the historian who makes the case for Hood being an Iconic Ship - it is a contribution made by the late Eric Grove who so sadly was recently lost to us.

Eric was one of the UK's most important naval historians; a magnificent personality, a brilliant teacher and a formidable scholar. He was a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a Member of Council of the Navy Records Society and most importantly of course, he was a Vice President of the Society for Nautical Research.

This recording was made just the day before his death and was the last piece of work he prepared for publication.

HMS Hood was the subject that Eric was most passionate about and in this episode you can hear him explain why she was so important, in his own words, and in his own voice.

You can find the podcast via any podcast app on a smartphone, on the publisher's website  and now on our own website on the new dedicated podcast page.

How can you help? Please share links to the podcast on all social media - if you do we will give you a shout out on the next podcast!

If you have an iPhone please 'rate' the podcast with lots of stars on the Apple podcast app/iTunes and if you have time please also leave a review. You can find the podcast here on iTunes. It is enormously important at this stage to get as many ratings and reviews as possible!

Best Wishes,


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