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  1. Both masts are now finished, along with the boat gantries. I really enjoy the tall top gallants on these old ships, really impressive.
  2. Glad you like! To give you an idea, the outside of Baden’s hull is 9 layers thick. This is to get the detail of the armor belt correct.
  3. Glad you like it! I only use two types of glue, “The Ultimate” PVA which bills itself as a water soluble super glue, but is just a very high quality PVA, and Zip Dry which is an archival paper glue. Neither one of these set rock hard believe it or not. I don’t use CA. I do use spray glue for doubling of large sheets though. Zip Dry is only used in the construction of the hull since I need a glue with zero warp. PVA warps like hell if used on any large joint. As for storing them, they go in the glass case and so far no issues with degradation. Someone did tell me yesterday that it was “sad” that this was “only” a paper model and I’d get more respect if I’d made it out of plastic. Sigh. So it’s nice to see someone interested in what I’m up to! Thanks again for the kind words.
  4. Fairly big update, both bridge wings are mostly finished, navigation bridge, admiral’s bridge, and the tripod mast skegs are in place.
  5. The starboard bridge wing has been installed, and I added an MV lens to the navigation light. It’s a little hard to see in photos but the lens catches the light at certain angles and simulates navigation lens glass. Very subtle.
  6. I’ve spent some time this week on the forward superstructure. The navigation bridge, conning tower, and forward funnel are you in place. The funnel interior detail wasn’t included so I scratch built the flue uptakes. The bridge window glass was duplicated with Krystal Clear. The bridge itself has a full interior which was mostly a waste of time but fun to work on. I had to add a lot of extra detail to the exterior of the funnels as well, since they didn’t include the grab irons. Probably an extra 100 parts in those alone.
  7. Today’s update: aft funnel, searchlight tower, and boat handling cranes.
  8. HMV uses an odd scale, 1/250, less common, most card models (for those that don’t know)are usually even numbers like 1/300 or 1/200, so sadly no turned barrels exist for this one. I don’t think any substitute exists, and by that I mean that while there are 1/250 barrels, none are the correct profile for Baden. I might have been able to adapt a Bismarck set, maybe. My upcoming Malaya in 1/200 will have turned aluminum barrels. Aluminum is better than brass because of the weight savings. Heavy brass barrels attached to card is hard to stabilize. Most of the HMV heavies were designed by the late Peter Brandt. I’m not sure if they’re going to be making updates to them anymore but I hope they release something new though. Most of the HMV ships have been updated over the years, sometimes not for the better. An example would be the Scheme 9 Emden. On the latest print, the ship’s boats are about 5% too small and don’t fit together. If you know ahead of time, you can easily fix it, but you have to know before you go at them with the #11 blade! That and the part numbers that don’t match the instructions, parts, laser cut, or the laser cut instructions. If you’re not careful, the instructions will seem to be having you build the bridge on top of the coaling winches! That said, I like HMV. They can be a little quirky but that’s the fun of it! Their art is a little stark, I agree, but I think that’s how Brandt wanted it.
  9. Aft funnel and aft searchlight platforms now finished. I have to finish the searchlights themselves. Inspent a lot of extra time making the baffles and louvers on the air vent inside the searchlight platform, and the extra platform bracing under the platforms themselves.
  10. All 8 of the 8.8cm SK L45 guns are finished. It seems that the ship was designed to carry 8 guns, but I can only find a couple of photos that seem to show 4 installed. Most of the really good photos of Baden are postwar and the 8.8cm guns have all been removed. I have a pretty formidable library and even my specialized monographs aren’t much help. So, I made all 8 anyway. It’ll add a lot of visual interest and that’s what I’m after. This is the same reason I have the bow and stern cranes erected and the boat booms swung out. This isn’t unrealistic, I have seen many photos of her with her cranes up. Anyway, on to the photos. The 8.8s need some touch up paint on the barrels and the sights. That’ll come later today. The aft funnel support and air intakes are finished. The intake detail is pretty nice as the whole structure is hollow and the louvers are supported by an elaborate saw-tooth structure behind. It gives the impression of depth and looks great. Needless to say it took several hours to build.
  11. Thanks!!! The joints just looked bad, and I’d originally started out thinking I wouldn’t use filler but it looks better in the end.

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