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Making the single block to double block tackle for cannons: help?


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It is actually quite simple. You can use single blocks on both blocks or a single and a double.


If using the single and double, then the double block is at the bulwark and the single is hooked to the carriage. The tackle is seized into the butt end of the single, then reeves through the double, back through the single, and then back through the double.


If two singles are used, then the tackle is seized to the butt end of the bulwarks single, then back through the carriage single, and then through the bulwark single.



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Mayohoo, Perhaps these pictures will help more than a written description would.


1st pic shows the block stropped and seizing added.

2nd pic shows the single and double block 

3rd pic shows a simple jig for rigging and tying the blocks


Hope this helps.




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What size cannon and what nationality? MOST British cannon used two singles. 32 pounders used a single and double, but I am pretty sure anything smaller would use singles.


If anyone has a copy of Adrian Caruana' books on British Armament they can confirm or correct this statement.



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