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Archaeology of a 19th century Great Lakes shipyard


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Found a link to this podcast in my Twitter feed.  Apparently it was released in June 2020, but thought there would be some here would find this interesting.


from www.saveontarioshipwrecks.ca: The Shickluna Shipyard operated from 1838 to 1891 along St. Catharines’ Twelve Mile Creek. Due to several factors including the digging of “Mr. Merritt’s ditch” (which was the 3rd Welland Canal), the building technology from wood to metal, and the increased size of the canal runner boats that could not travel up canal 2, the shipyard ran into disuse.



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Practically in my back yard.

The site is next to the fire fighters training centre and the old sea cadet hall.

Alan O'Neill
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Excavation by Brock University archaeology students and professionals have been held up the past two years by the pandemic. It is hoped that the site will become active again next  year. It is known that an abandoned 'canaller' is buried at a deeper level on this site.

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