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  1. Been a boatnerd my whole, living near the Detroit River - St. Lawrence Seaway, and also a major port on the seaway. However.......my quest to find models of these kinds of ships is like finding a hay colour needle in hay stack. Or a looking for a non-existent needle is more like it. I've learned that basic model kits like you'd find for famous warships or Titanic, just aren't, and never were made for your everyday merchant ships that carry grain and iron ore. Likely, it's such a niche area of interest, manufacturers figure there isn't a market, well there is! I suppose it could be licensi
  2. Fantastic - this is the kind of work I strive for as I am getting into this world of model ship building.
  3. This is what I get....I can obviously log in, but can't click on that one link...
  4. I had a similar thing pop up on me when I was trying to click on one of the threads on here the other day....... naval/nautical history section - thread about museums - only shows 2 views? Yet, I am able to click on any other ones without an issue at all.
  5. Here is a late Hello and Welcome to the forum from SW Ontario! Great resources and members here.
  6. I just got a shipment from Tom's Model Works for the photo etched brass 2 rail railing.....wow are these tiny!!!!! Going to be interesting to work with for the first time!!!!! So fragile looking.
  7. Will be posting some updated pics soon. I've got the paint on as per the plans, as well as ref photos. Just some comments on my first build: 1) Always double check your plans for accuracy! I got excited/impatient to get going and so far into my build when I realized the person I got the plans off, must have scaled them down so they fit on an easily reproducible size of paper. Instead of being a true 1/16" - 1ft scale, they are probably about 20 - 25 % smaller than that. Model is supposed to be approx 46 inches, but is more like 34 inches. Makes it a pain to find f
  8. At the point now where it is time to prep for painting. Will finish other details once hull is painted. What is recommended for painting basswood? Do I use primer or a primer/sealer before the main colour?
  9. Kitkraft has dry rub lettering that are supposed to be easy to use
  10. I have heard there were new hull plates set aside at Fraser for the Fitzgerald. I know a lot of thdcships from this era were undergoing lengthening...typically adding 120 feet to increase to 767ft LOA. The Fitz was launched at 730 ft (729 to be exact), andvwent down at that. Also shecwas undoubtedly due in the near future to be converted to a self unloader. As for these plans.....it says they were drawn by David A. McDonald in December 1978, prepared for the Great Lakes Maritime Institute and Dossin Great Lakes Museum.
  11. I found them on eBay. They are a copy of a set of model plans that was drawn up for the Dossin Museum in Detroit....which is across the river from the park at and of street... Original plans are 1/16" - 1ft with model being about 46 inches. Once I got started I realized the guy selling them must have scaled it down to make it easier to copy/sell because my Fitz is closer to 34". I wanted to stay accurate to the plans so what could i do as a first time builder. I'm going to run into problems when it comes time to source appropriately sized fittings.
  12. The Wood Mill in Tecumseh, ON (just east of Windsor). They don't have balsa, but have a huge selection of wood. I found that large size chunks of balsa are virtually impossible to find anywhere near me. There is a place in Colorado that has it, but with shipping costs, customs, and shipping delays due to covid, along with the US to CDN dollar converstion - it wasn't worth the cost
  13. I guess I never realized how far reaching Gordon Lightfoot's song really was. I'd even venture a guess and say most people outside of the Great Lakes region know much about these ships as most never venture outside of the St. Lawrence Seaway, whereas us boatwatchers get to see ships from around the world from bulk carriers, to tankers, to heavy lift ships.
  14. For the bottom of the stern...... This was quite challenging and I thought of all the different ways to get to where I need/wanted to be. Basically used my dremel with a toothed attachment and cut out small chunks to get to the right areas from the centerline of the keel as well as the right heights from the bottom. I now have the basic shape - which I have had to fill in with wood filler and sand down, where I am happy that I can now move on to the topside features. I am being 100% honest on this. With having reference pics, the plans (lines drawing was really helpful), and a
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