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HMS Bounty by matke

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Hi guys,


I am very new in this modeling world and I started a month ago my first wooden ship model. It is HMS Bounty. So far, I have finished first planking and fairing of the hull. Next stage is the second planking, for which I need your help. I have attached few pics of my work, so it will be easy for you to understand my questions. And the question is: 


From where should I start doing second planking? From the top or the bottom? Strips for second planking are very thin, less than 1mm and very brittle. Also, when I just lay down one strip, shown on pic 5, it does not seem to me that I can follow the bend of the bow and stern as I saw on pics you posted for your models. Simply, I do not know how to start second planking and I am asking you for help and advice. I can provide more pics if you need in order to get clear overview.


Many thanks in advance for your help.








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Welcome aboard, Matke.  The first planking looks nice - will see what some of the more experienced builders have as recommendations for how to start the second planking!


In the meantime, there are a few tutorials available here:




and http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/forum/14-building-framing-planking-and-plating-a-ships-hull-and-deck/


Good luck!


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Thanks Wayne.


Actually, I have already taken a look onto these tutorials, and have seen a lot of Bounty pics on this forum and on some other places, but still I can not figure out how to start second planking without forcing strips to follow the line of the hull. For that reason, I asked you for help. Hope someone will open my eyes (obviously, I do not know to recognize good starting point from these tutorials) so I can start with it.


Thanks again.



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Hi Matke,

Welcome to MSW!

To answer your questions, first of all I would say the first planking is not ready yet to receive the second planking. It seems that you still have too much filler on it. Bear in mind, any mistakes or bumps in the first planking can't be corrected with the second planking.

The line of the whales is the point to start with the second planking. Transfer the position of whales onto the hull, that's the point to start. 

I'am pretty sure other, more experienced builders in the forum do have more and even better advices for you.




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Hello Matke


When you finish sanding as Edward said, then first put thin layer of glue, to assume better adhesion of second layer.


Think about using a shorter pieces of strip. Also, to see how it goes (double curvature), first try on some bottle or something similar and try going to fit in areas which go narrower. In trying, try also how will go final light sanding of strips. In my attempts with decking floor, I use veneer 0,5mm, and LATER I see that it should look better with balsa veneer ...  ( see attached pictures in post #49 on my topic). That learned me that I must try before start


Everything is on you, depends what you want from your model


Go forward, I ll follow



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G'day Matt? I'm new at this too but I'll try and help a little. Your going ok, so far . The next layer of planking plays an important part in the finished result, so prepare it carefully. Sand your hull and fix anything that needs it now. Bumps and hollows are important to fix before second planking the hull. Hollows can be filled. Bumps, especially large ones may leave a thin hull after sanding, this is why fairing the hull is so important.

   As for your method of second planking, there's a few different ones. I use a contact adhesive, but there's no room for error with it. You might like to use wood glue first time, as you can correct any mistakes before it dries. 


Have fun with your build,


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