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8 minutes ago, Chuck Seiler said:

    I have always liked holly for my decks, however it is becoming harder to come by.  For my next project I am looking at maple or aspen.


    Not asked, but answered...I use #2 pencil on 1 plank edge to simulate caulking.


    Yellow wood glue.

  Ahoy, Chuck !      I used to have a large piece of beautiful holly veneer (aprox. 12' wide x 4 feet long!) before we had to move some time ago ... and dang it, I can't seem to find it now.  'Gotta be somewhere ...  That stuff would be perfect for slicing whatever width of planking (for the scale of the project) needed.

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9 minutes ago, Chuck Seiler said:

I have always liked holly for my decks

Hello Benjamin,


I agree with Chuck, holly looks great, a bit like a freshly holystoned deck.  


Caulking is a whole other story.  If your scale is smaller than about 1:48, it usually does not look good no matter the method used so many leave it off.    Some like pencil, paint, marker and tissue.   The last is the only one I have found that works for me but many folks like the other methods as well.  Maybe try each and see what you like best.


Where are you located?  There is at least one wood supplier in the US that usually has a big stock of holly (Ilex opaca)  including about 35 or 40 boards now.   It is not cheap, but for decking it goes a long way.  


Hi Chuck, I am anxious to see how the aspen looks if you go that route.  








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