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mississippi help


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in the pic u will see the upper stern nighthead is not fitting right at all there a nice gap can not move no more its at it max i just dry fitted it so u can see not sure what to do herepost-2052-0-79638200-1378522014_thumb.jpgpost-2052-0-80990800-1378522047_thumb.jpg                                                     just so u all know i got fixed sorry for the post

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yes i can what i did was watched a video on overbending cuz it was warped so i put the part in water for 10mins  then laid it over paice of wood then put  a clamp on each side then just bent of the peace of just a bit past the warp after 2hrs  it dryed took the clamp off it came back   there a video on on utube i got to find it and then i will put a link for poeple    that what i did that new i never done that befor it works really good 

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