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Rigging Deadeyes on shrouds


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I cannot decide whether to do the vertical lashing for the first lashing to the deadyes or not, after lashing the lanyard around it, it probably won't be visible. Plus doing that lashing will be difficult to keep the deadeye tight, probably use a sewing needle to thread it around.


any opinions?




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Are you speaking of the turns around the lashing? If so, these are important because they tighten any lashing. It forces the round turns down slightly between the two parts of the shroud so they 'bite' and prevent anything slipping. Using a sewing needle works perfectly for executing lashings. 

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I mean the direction of the lashing nearest the deadeye. The two lashings above are wrapped around the parallel shroud lines but with the bottom one, the shroud lines cross and the lashing is in a vertical orientation between them.

I can understand if this were done at full scale, the shrouds are too stiff  to lash parallel against the deadeye, but in model scale it will and when the deadeye lanyard is secured around the lashed shroud, it will cover and compress the bottom lashing anyway?

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It can be done (I did it), and it results in the real-life-effect that the shrouds give a small 'opening' just above the deadeye.

As soon as you wind the 'loose end' of the lanyard around the shroud, you loose the effect almost completely.

I think no-one will ever see that I took the time and effort to place a vertical lashing....



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