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  1. Radman...you are back... That is a lot of tape. My project has been on indefinite hold as well. You will probably inspire me to move forward again.
  2. Kurt I used the Blue Jacket brass. I ordered an extra set and cut the eye bolts from the hammock crane brass, blackened it and placed in the carriage after drilling a small hole to receive it.
  3. That is absolutely remarkable Peter. A beautiful diorama. Looks like she is ready to launch.
  4. Arrghh...your landlord must be doing it just to get your ships... sorry to hear it mate.
  5. Thx Javlin. I am actually trying to clear a space to work on her again. Too many other projects are competing for my attention that are not modeling related. Dave
  6. Dang Rich. It must be in the air. I have been accident prone the last few weeks myself. Sorry buddy but you take the prize with this though. Good luck and God's speed in your recovery. Dave
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