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One of the problems I encountered when I started modelling was which type of wood did what, and what did it look like. As I searched amongst various wood suppliers for the characteristics of different woods I realised that this kind of information could prove very useful to others in a similar predicament. Hence, in my previous life as a member of MSW I submitted this article hoping others would find it interesting. As all the original files were lost when the gremlins invaded MSW I am posting it once again.

Modelling Woods backup.doc

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Excellent information.


May I also point people to the book "What wood is that?" by Herbert Edlin. The book deals in depth with 40 different woods and comes with a sample piece of each one. Whilst this volume does not specify which woods a modeller should use it provides a heap of information and would make a useful companion to Aitch's document. The book is available from numerous sources on line and in the UK retails for c £16.00.


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Sweet, thanks for uploading.  I created a PDF format for MSW members who do not have MS word on their devices

Modelling Woods backup.pdf



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