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Bluenose 2 by Bedford - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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This was my third build, and the first I took some progress pics of.


This kit was bought by a friend of mine after she saw my Schooner for Port Jackson, she loved it and had always wanted to build one. Once she looked at the plans she was too affraid to start it inspite of my offers of guidance. One day she decided to give it to me so I built it and gave it back to her. She had done the eulogy for my 13 year old daughter, Caroline, which was a huge thing to do, this was my thankyou gift to her.


The main problems I had with this kit were that two of the hull frames seemed to be misnumbered as I had to add timber to the outside of one frame to make the curves flow properly so if you are building this kit keep that in mind and dry fit all the frames first and use your judgment. Some of the deck house frames were also not the best so I made them myself.


I have never put sails on a model before because I don't think they ever look right but I knew this schooner would carry them well.


I will let her speak for herself...










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hi Bedford your build looks fantastic,  

Plese tell me as am contemplating building the al bluenose 2, what the wood is like 

and quality of sails 




Saving for: HMS Vanguard...Victory models.

finished: Bluenose11...Billing Boats... (sorry no log.

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Hi, sorry I have not checked this thread for a while. I enjoyed working with the timbers in this kit although the walnut sections, keel, rudder, masting etc took forever to dry when varnished for some reason. The ply pieces that make up the deck houses are rubbish so I made solid parts and clad them in timber.

Two of the ribs are mis-numbered but I forget which ones, you need to stack them on one another and work out the order in which they belong by how they match up.


The sail fabric is just callico and I found it quite good, my ex had a good sewing machine with all the accessories needed to sew the sails nicely and I knew about making the top sails so that the curved hem to go around the mast step was on the bias so I could easily make the hem.


Sorry, I built her before I joined this forum so there is no build log.



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