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  1. Hello everyone, Unfortunately, I also noticed that the link to buy the draft does not work. I searched and this is the only thing I could find, I don't know if there are any plans https://librairie-hussard.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=pen+duick&search_in_description=0&osCsid=62ed7fb42d1f9198989a2a0200a6b53c
  2. Thanks for the nice comments Tony & Moab. Unfortunately, the Pen Duick project is currently on a break, other commitments have taken me in a different direction. Tony, I bought the plan in France, published by http://mrb.modelisme-medias.com/. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at PM. Best regards, Matija.
  3. Beautiful model ship and a great work, bravo!
  4. Thank you all for your nice comments!
  5. Hi Giorgio, Very nice, you're doing a great job. I love the old schooners and can hardly wait for continue . Regards, Matija.
  6. Hi Patrick, I'm glad that you get better, I wish you fast recovery and a quick return on your shipyard. .. all the best ..., Matija.
  7. Hi Patrick, very impressive building, so much detail in such a scale, made excellent, can rarely be seen. I can only join other members in congratulating . Again... BRAVO !! Matija
  8. Hi Nils, I had the pleasure to watch your build log. I can only say that you have made excellent work. Congratulations!! Best Regards, Matija.
  9. Hi Igor, You are always consistent .. so is this work is amazing! Regards, Matija. .
  10. Once again thank you for the congratulations for my birthday --- Mark, I'll definitely post photos (only I do not think that the Amazing Photographs), it may be a place 1:1 build log such as Bob says;). The ship is currently in painting cabins and hull underwater part. Then move on to the coloring of the engine compartment and installing electricity .... Mike, I need a lot of luck (thank you) and work to finish the job. I think the worst job of grinding and removal of bad materials is finished. The rest is easy Nenad, it is difficult to compare two such different ship. Trabakul usually had pasara for dinghy .. differ in purpose and size ... at the beginning of the log of build I described pasara. I am pleased that this Pasara returning to the past, it is one of the reasons why we build these models. Best regards, Matija.
  11. Hi Bob, you made a beautiful boat, congratulations! Regards, Matija.
  12. Thank you, dear friends, on the good wishes .. If we enjoy in the little things, then every day is a beautiful and filled .. Currently I am busy with the reconstruction of a small ship 7.5 we upon it I'm changing everything except shells and cabins, where the whole... Thus I started: My models are waiting for a more peaceful time. Thank you once again and wish you all the best. regards, Matija.
  13. Hi Igor, the result is the same effort and the knowledge that you have invested ... and this is outstanding, congratulations. Matija
  14. Patrick, from beginning of construction of the beautiful models Rainbow you gave a high level of precision craftsmanship. The result is visible and you have a beautiful model, my compliments and congratulations. Regards, Matija.
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