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Scottish Maid 1839 by ray111 - Artesania Latina wooden kit

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Hello Ray. Off to a good start. Have a go at planking both sides at the same time, doing this will prevent the hull from warping or twisting. Looking good though.

Regards, Scott


Current build: 1:75 Friesland, Mamoli


Completed builds:

1:64 Rattlesnake, Mamoli  -  1:64 HMS Bounty, Mamoli  -  1:54 Adventure, Amati  -  1:80 King of the Mississippi, AL

1:64 Blue Shadow, Mamoli  -  1:64 Leida Dutch pleasure boat, Corel  -  1:60 HMS President Mantra, Sergal


Awaiting construction:

1:89 Hermione La Fayette AL  -  1:48 Perserverance, Modelers shipyard

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Hello Ray - thanks for this interesting thread!

That looks very intersting for my specially - I mull over her as a next kit, too. I found the drawing in my German copy of the "Search for Speed under Sail" from MacGregor and fall in love to her sideview quiet. Oh yes - but I'm affaid of her rigging! This looks so complicated and the picture of the kit in the web looks also not so easy! So I'll follow your built's progresses  with intrest.

My carpetmonster adapted to laminate flooring!



GK - Modellbau No. 2002 a little boat 680 after E.Paris  - PoF 1/50

AL 18021 Scottish Maid the 1st Aberdeen Clipper 1839 - PoB 1/76 (?) 

Dream: a hullmodel of the 66 55/95 tons US-Revenue drop-keel Cutter 1/2"=1ft, plans by H.I.Chapelle

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