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Protective film for plans

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We all value the plans we have gotten, from kits or just buying the plans themselves.

Navigational charts are really expensive and each time they are folded or rolled there will be tension to them.

If not protected, they will fall apart where they have been folded.

I remember my father covering his charts with a transparent film, which I have found available through one of many office supplier companies.

This one was only 18" wide, hopefully I will be able to find a 28" +  for the wider plans.

On this film I can use dry-erase sharpies and wipe off the lines later on.

This way my plans will be protective from UV-light and mechanical strains.

The film is soft enough to be rolled or folded.


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Many moons ago people used to rub candles all over the plan, so no glue would stick to your valuable sheet. Never tried this method, cause I was born a little later :D, but its effectiveness is confirmed by many modellers.

For my plans I just used protective film that you can find on most covering materials for model aircraft - ie Solartex, or for small plans even kitchen film will do. Works fine for me.

If you want to avoid any folding marks/damage, simple solution is just round the corner - get the postal tube, roll your plans and store them that way. No damage whatsoever.

Any lamination is cool for nav charts (no matter if for sailors or pilots) as they are used very often, in difficult conditions, but imho for plans it is a little over the top. I have some plans back from 60's that were stored in the tubes and covered with a layer of kitchen film and they look almost brand new - and were used quite often :D.

Just my 2p worth.


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