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  1. There are a lot of suppliers here so I am sure you will not have any problems find a supplier there.
  2. Wow fantastic job on the hinges, are they the correct thickness? looks a bit thick to me but might be the pictures. The build is really progressing nicely and I love the shop, wish mine looked that good!
  3. Great time lapse, are you using MS powerpoint? I see you are keeping your helper busy, train her well we need more expert wemon in this hobby.
  4. Thank you for taking time to draw out and enhance your description for the deck height marker! The picture is worth a thousand words! and a copy will definitely go into my box of tricks file.
  5. Impressive jig, what does the horizontal thumb screw do? It appears it holds the ebony marker in place or does it allow for height adjustment? I know stupid question, but just curious.
  6. What is the difference between left and right capsquare? The angle of the frame? At 1/4 scale or less is there enough difference to be noticable if you only make a straight capsquare? On the jig to get left and right is it the angle of the pin thats inserted in the jig right? Well explained, thank you.
  7. Doris so sorry to hear of your loss, I am sure that your husband was very proud of you and your work, it is fantastic!
  8. Fantastic job on the cabin detail! What is the process for making the cushions/mattresses? Perhaps a seperate log.
  9. Bob Thanks for the link! https://uses.plantnet-project.org/en/Ficus_(PROSEA_Timbers) A prostrate or climbing shrub, reaching up to 10 m or more, creeping and clinging close to walls or tree trunks by means of numerous aerial rootlets, ultimate branches 30-80 cm long, erect. Leaves dimorphous, two-ranked, on sterile branches ovate, 1.5-3 cm long and shortly petioled, on fertile branches oblong, 5-10 cm long and with long petioles; figs solitary in the axils of leaves, pyriform, 40-60 mm long, yellow-brown pilose when young, ripening glabrous, red to dark blue.
  10. Yes i spent several hours on internet looking for reference to fig ivy wood before i posted this here, the next step will be the library ... a little difficult right now. I can not believe how hard it is!
  11. I had trimmed some fig ivy in my back yard last year and had saved several crooked pieces and set off to the side. This week I cleaned them up and removed the bark. The wood is cream color, has no visible grain and the wood is hard as all get out. Has any one ever used this wood or know where I can find information about wood and has any one in the Community used this wood?
  12. Be interesting to see what you will be able to do with the Mini CNC, will be following your use along with the rest of your build. I have been a little hesitant in purchasing one because of the cost and learning curve. The prices are comming down but I am getting older making the learning curve harder!
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