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I would really like to have a firm definition of the following use of "trance"in the  description of pillars given in the scantlings in the Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture  by David Steel. 


"The pillars to trance in from each end to the size given ¼ of their length"


After looking at numerous sites with definitions, the vast majority were of course dealing with mental states, but one gave synonyms of the verb trance as traverse, travel and pass.  Traverse could work, but I am not sure.  Anyone with a good Old English dictionary?



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There is a footnote to the comment" pillars to trance in from each other to the size given 1/4 of their length"


Those pillars that come in range of a bulkhead stand contrary to the others, that the sides may be straight, and edges should be taken off with a bold chamfer  except those against bulkheads.



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