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Placement of Treenails

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I've  searched and can not find the answer. Could anyone help please?

I know there are general rules for placement of many of the parts of the ship; ie floor timbers face away from the deadflat. Is there any rules for the placement of treenails????

In all the pictures of such, one treenail is in the upper right portion of the plank and the other in the lower left. However, how does this position relate to; the bow, stern, deadflat???? I'm sure there must be some common method of placement.

Thanks guys,


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Hi Larry :D


Treenails are much more complicated then many modelers think. Many patterns have a purpose, some do not. I have found that on a model it can be very difficult to find a compromise between accuracy and what looks good and not overdone at the scales we work in.


Dan Vadas does some of the best looking tree nails. How he gets that spacing and uniformity I don't know. I would paste a link but Billy Gates did something to my computer with his last update.


Search for his Vulture build.

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I hope the image below is readable.  It is from "historic Ship Models" by Wolfram zu Mondfeld.  I think the book is a must for any builder. there are some inexpensive used copies on Amazon. Only 5 -6 dollars.


This is only a sample of the wealth of useful information it contains.


Richard T



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I guess I did not make myself clear. I'm aware of the Establishments concerning planking and such. What I want to know is the proper placement of treeaniles on a plank. I am under the impression that the upper treenail is placed away from the dead flat. Can anyone confirm this for me?thanks to all.


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