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Need info on tools/Viking ship kits - moved by moderator


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Hi everyone!


I have a crazy 24 year-old son who is yearning to build a small scale Viking ship.  He intends to launch it on a nearby reservoir, using his friends for oarsmen oarsmen and his brother (older but smaller and very fierce!) as the figurehead.


My husband and I would like to give him a wooden model kit for Christmas to give him an idea of how to build the real boat come Spring.  None of us has ever done any serious modeling, but my husband is a master carpenter and my son is following rapidly in his father's footsteps.  


Can you recommend a wooden Viking ship kit that wouldn't be overwhelming but that would be intricate enough to give insight into structural design and sequencing, etc.?  Since I know nothing of this intriguing art form, I thought I would solicit input from experts (for example,some of the kits I've seen online warn that they are made in other countries and may not have clearly written English instructions).  


I would also appreciate suggestions for books that might be helpful as well as a list of tools you think would be required to accomplish a relatively modest project.


Many thanks!!



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     In my opinion there are 2 kits that stand out, both made by Billings boats. The first and the most suitable for your needs is the "Roar Ege" this is a beautiful kit and gives a wonderful insight into how these masterpieces were constructed.

The second and more ornate is the "Oseberg" this is a wonderful model in itself and although both ships are based on actual viking age finds the latter was probably never a useful vessel more a statement of wealth and power.


Good luck and hope to see some of your sons posts on here soon.



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Welcome to the site. I have recently completed a Viking ship (click on the link to be taken to the gallery). What I wanted was different to yours - I wanted a display model. It appears as if you want something to teach your son how to build a Viking ship. In that case, I would agree with Lee's recommendation of the Roar Ege. I have inspected this kit - it is lacking in some of the ornamentation in the Amati viking ship "Drakkar", or the Billings "Oseberg", but it does appear to be a realistic depiction of an actual Viking longship. Most importantly, the method of construction does appear to be historically accurate. The ship should also be suitable for a beginner, since it features laser cut planks. 


Click here for a link to the Roar Ege instructions (from Billings' website): http://www.billingboats.com/instructions/BB703%20Roar%20Ege%20_Instruction.pdf


As for a list of tools, take a look at MSW's resources page: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-modeling-articles-and-downloads.php

Regards, Keith


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Thank you Sword and Amfi for your input!  I was unable to order a ship by Christmas, so resorted to giving Justin a book on Viking culture.  Then I showed him online pics of various ships including the Roar Edge and Oseberg.  He confirmed that he would love to build a model and, of course, he wants to build the bigger ship.  However, the more I explore various kits and pry into other folks' build logs, the more convinced I am that Justin just wouldn't have the patience for small work at this level of detail.  Furthermore, even the cost of a beginner kit is a bit of a chunk for our family.  


On the other hand, the more I look into modeling, the more fascinated I myself am becoming.  I am seriously thinking about buying an entry level kit for myself (knowing that my husband will be a huge support in the way of tools, jigs, and creative problem solving).  


In any case I truly appreciate your taking the time to post responses to my inquiry.  Who knows, you may encounter me again in these waters!  Until then, happy building!



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Here's the topic he's been running:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/8870-dusek-ship-kits-newsinfo/   It's in the Traders and Dealers area.

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