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A very interesting post Rob,but there are actually five ways to build a hull.For some reason only two of them mainly appear on this forum.The others are solid hull,hollowed solid hull and lastly wooden composite monolith built around a former.The last three are favoured by builders from Eastern Europe and Russia.

On top of these there is cardboard,fibreglass etc.I personally think it is down to the builders preference,but also affected by what details are to be visible i.e. gundecks etc.I know the late Ed Marple used to build his models nearly fully framed,despite being fully planked.This must have just been his 'preferred method'.I do know that his planking had superior support because the framing was so close together compared to normal bulkhead construction.


Kind Regards Nigel

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For certain hull forms, one can control the shape better with closer spaced frames, particularly at the bow and stern. Also, there is greater area to land and attach planking to. However, as already mentioned, it's all a matter of taste.

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