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The Good and the Bad

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The good and the bad. The good was that I did my first ratlines on my Syren's mainmast, portside. The rats were a bit too tight and caused the forward shroud to curve in a bit. I thought it was acceptable for my experience level. I used Neutral Ph adhesive to secure the knots not CA.


On New Years Eve I even found an inebriated seaman who was willing to climb my rats even if they weren't finished-see attached.


The bad, today I thought I would start the ratlines on the foremast while the knots on the main futtock stave set up. I checked to make sure I was using the correct rope. Then I checked again and again.


Nuts, the rope I used on the main ratlines was a hair (literally) too large. It might pass but knew it was wrong. I ran a couple of line on the foremast and could clearly see my error.


So I spent the last hour removing the "fat rats" and their knots. fortunately I didn't slice any shrouds. Thank goodness I didn't use CA and caught my mistake before I got any further into the project.


Another learning experience-- 


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