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  1. There are times where I think one tape measure for each room may still not be enough.
  2. This is an excellent build log. Very much appreciated since I've been considering this very kit. The kit looks very well done and I'm sure it will turn out superbly in your hands. JP
  3. The dagger plunged deep and twisted.... multiple times.
  4. Sad thing is that it will also be true in our foreseeable future.
  5. I have plenty of proper storage for tools but they all end up in a pile during a build session. When I spend more time locating a certain tool as opposed to building I need to clear the pile and do a complete re set.
  6. PM sent concerning The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by Longridge.
  7. Tape measures are actually a product from another dimension but have the ability to appear in any dimension for a time being.... very allusive creatures they are.
  8. I am in awe of his achievement and it leaves me a little ashamed of the tasks that I've given up on because of a simple lack of drive.
  9. Ain't that the truth... but would not expect anything less considering the source!
  10. Superb!!! Thanks for the link. I also enjoy any form of scale modelling and use these types of sites for inspiration and motivation.
  11. Suppose there were those with the same sentiment when the explorers set about the high seas in search of ...............?
  12. Very, very nice. Still looking forward to the day when I can get my hands on the saw.
  13. True Dat,.....I've learned that I need to work very slowly and deliberately when working with CA. Don't even think about beginning without debonder close by.
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