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  1. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/04/tmn-on-tour-mosonshow-mosonmagyarovar.html For endless eye candy check the link and enjoy. The variety a quality of the displayed work is incredible!
  2. Ahhh,.... brings back some memories for me. Looks like things are progressing nicely with your La Renommee. Will check back often to see your progress. JP
  3. The head rails of a ship have got to be the most complex area to deal with . I keep tackling other aspects of my build but I know I'll need to address them eventually. This I know for a fact.
  4. Yes, that same blade will respond in the same manner when used on my Proxxon FET. If it is used on any hard wood I must take very slow shallow passes, otherwise the deflection appears. Repetitive use on hard woods will certainly shorten the lifespan of its effectiveness......best to be used on softer woods.
  5. Yes, the hull curvature will pose some challenges with placement. One can reinforce the copied template with any clear thin tape such as packing tape. Use an exacto to open the gun ports on the template and then carefully secure to hull when correct positioning has been confirmed. The openings on the template allow one to mark out positions on the hull and then the cut out process can begin.
  6. Needless to say, using the "fit to page" option for our purposes would indeed lead to unwelcome complications, putting it mildly. Secondly, any method chosen to translate information from a plan can get "screwed up" if care is not taken. What an accurate copy of any gun port plan does is reduce the repetitive transfer of measurements which can lead to inconsistency.
  7. From his description in the original post I would gather that his planking has already been completed and the query is over how to establish a reference for the gun port openings.
  8. Printing a copy off of the plans and using the copy as a template is an option that I've found works for me. An inexpensive home printer with scanning capabilities does the trick as transferring measurements always led to inaccuracies for me.
  9. While no expert on the saw, if the one degree discrepancy exists on the back side than I would think this would aid in clearance with a cut piece as it advances past the blade. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. ??? 90 degrees C ....?? ... that's not far from the boiling point. Can't even begin to imagine the discomfort at such levels.............
  11. I can think of a few more captions but this seems to be quite positive and better to leave well enough alone.........Happy New Year!
  12. There is a fine line between the efficiency resulting from being totally organized and the total euphoria one feels when the elusive tool that has eluded you for quite some time, finally presents itself at the most opportune time. I still struggle to find the happy medium..........................!!!!!!
  13. If it works for you and you feel better for the investment, then that is all that matters. Just lost a good portion of my cyano because of a mishap so I understand the challenges with spillage.
  14. Yeah,... double the cost with additional shipping charges. My empty soup cans will for now...............

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