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  1. Needs to be slow paced music for me of any variety...... no heavy rock or I'd end up with smashed ships.
  2. Will be watching this build closely. How are the instructions for this kit? I've also sent along a private message as I'm keen to see the modifications you've made with your Proxxon saw.
  3. All the accolades should be pointed at you for your achievement. While I appreciate builders who have the skills to achieve a look of clean perfection in a build, I admire builds that show character without looking sloppy. In some cases this may be more difficult to achieve than the "clean" look.
  4. While my intent is not to begin a debate over decks and how to finish them, I personally was drawn immediately to the wonderful effect of this deck finish. It looks fantastic in my opinion and the small irregularities in the caulking leads to a more natural look that adds character to the model.
  5. ahhhh nuts!!.... With all these positive remarks it looks like I'll need to add more must have items to my list. Great news for this developer and the hobby as well!!
  6. ... 1.7 mm x .5mm sheaves???.....that is simply astonishing. How in the world is one even able to apply the groove to the perimeter of the sheave?
  7. ... trigger finger....such a nuisance, but I'd rather put up with it rather than take my chances with some surgery.
  8. Just downloaded Inkscape and it looks like a very capable piece of software and you can't beat the price.
  9. I'm guessing this is to be on a whole new level of complexity for a kit. Looks promising.
  10. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/04/tmn-on-tour-mosonshow-mosonmagyarovar.html For endless eye candy check the link and enjoy. The variety a quality of the displayed work is incredible!
  11. Ahhh,.... brings back some memories for me. Looks like things are progressing nicely with your La Renommee. Will check back often to see your progress. JP
  12. The head rails of a ship have got to be the most complex area to deal with . I keep tackling other aspects of my build but I know I'll need to address them eventually. This I know for a fact.
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