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  1. Unfortunately, shipping up north from Menards is a deal breaker for me.
  2. Nice.... and I checked amazon and found the same unit rebranded but at double the cost? Go figure?? https://www.amazon.ca/Vibration-Free-Bench-Disc-Sander/dp/B07SFZGHVQ/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=5"+bench+top+disc+sander&qid=1573327510&sr=8-9
  3. Ponto

    Dont Ever...

    This is good to know and will certainly follow the advice.
  4. Ponto

    Dont Ever...

    Had this mishap with a full size saw back in the day when my experience with the big boy versions was lacking. It was also a just nick for about 5 stitches but I recall not wanting to check the damage once I grabbed hold of the wound. Felt like a sledge hammer upon contact as opposed to a knife cut. Lesson learned.
  5. In addition to the aforementioned,... time and patience is often overlooked as a go to tool. A slow and methodical technique can do wonders. I've clamped metal straight edges to the marked opening as an aid as well.
  6. I think I've become a fan of this builder. You are doing some very nice work. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
  7. Thanks Ferit, I'm surprised to see this old log still has some life and many thanks for the "likes" as well. I'm humbled by one sent by the Mr. Watton. Maybe I should bring her down from under the dust covers and bring her back into the game.
  8. I think Chuck has hit a homer with this project and can do nothing but good things for the hobby. Great to see the support and just never know if I will make the plunge.
  9. While the carving is exceptional I would have expected extensive scarring on the finger tips.
  10. I think your fate was sealed as soon as you posted this.......enjoy the build in any case.
  11. I'm guessing plenty of projects will be sidelined once this magnificent kit is released. As long as the developers stay true to the prototype and the retail numbers meet with approval, I foresee a shortage of stock at the distributors level because of high demand . Not many builders will be able to resist jumping on this bandwagon..... me included!!!
  12. Just as an FYI....the kit in question has been sidelined as my Corel Berlin called out to me from its resting place on my shelves. In response to the most recent posts, yes, the kit was expensive (by my standards anyway) but there is value to the kit contents. Euromodel kits are challenging for various reasons and this one is no exception. Even if there is some confusion over the accuracy of the actual ship I was only interested what a beauty she is as depicted by Euromodel. It is always up to the builder to bring the contents of the kit to life.
  13. I just use a cheap old soldering iron and shape planks (after some time in boiling water) to closely match my target area and simply pin in place on model to dry and form to the intended contour.
  14. Gorgeous workmanship in an impressive build log. Thank you for sharing!

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