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Billing Bluenose II help please!

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Hi everyone! Just started a my first model; the Billing Bluenose II 600. I've done the ribs and decking and glued the two halves of the hull together, but am a bit stumped by the planking on the sides of the hull. If anyone as done this model before or just has experience in this sort of thing, please help! Thanks! :)

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Watching with intreast as I am just completing the second half my self. have you planked the decking yet ? if you see or come across anything good let me know please :)

No, I've only ribbed the hull and put the four deck boards in and glued the two halves together. I'm a bit stumped on the actual planking, as the instructions aren't particularly helpful. I'll post if I find anything helpful though. :cheers:

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Try starting a build log as well with pictures of what you have done, lets people mak commenst or pass tips etc.

My second half is built was just messing with a filler at the bow end, If can see on bigger models this would be helpful for planking as it increases surface area for fixing planks to, most likely not needed on this scale of model but no harm in training up the skills for future models.


Also been looking a paints today, Billings list the paint requiredusing their own range, sort of struggled to find a stockist in the North west UK so order

from Cornwall model boats ltd, only issue I will see if it is is Billing list Billing 15 as Gold and they list that as silver so ordered their Gold which they list as BB16, I was not able to tell if some of the colours would be matt / glossy / flat etc so went for the Billings colours 1,7,11,15,17,30 and 36

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I built Billings Bluenose ll some years ago, during which I also bought the book 'Bluenose ll, Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners – measured drawings by LB Jenson.'


It is a largish, soft-backed book, produced by Nimbus Publishing. As the title suggests, it contains various drawings of the hull and rig, plus other fittings, and gives a history of the schooners in general, besides that of the earlier Bluenose. I particularly found the drawings of the rigging useful when I was at that stage, which certainly made for a better rigged model.


Regarding the model itself, I ditched the plastic parts and made replicas in wood, and made two prop shafts with propellors (something which is not included in the kit!). There is a guide to the paint scheme in the book, where I learnt that the hull colour is actually a near midnight blue, which I managed to approximately match. (Incidentally, I would go for a matt finish, since the model is quite small in scale.)


I can certainly recommend the book if you are building this model, and it is also worth looking up their website:




Their shop of course sells the book, but I purchased mine from the UK.

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