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Micro drill, pen-size

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Looking for a mini mini drill, to make a tiny holes in planking. Dremel is a bit too heavy for it, I'm afraid of breaking the drill bit while holding it.

Ideally it should be powered by AA battery or two.

I found some engravers that looks exactly like I need, but it's not possible to put a tiny 0.3-0.5mm drill bit in it, they don't have any chuck.


Would appreciate any hints! 


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There are also similar products for nail polishing, but they all have a fixed size chuck.

Of course, the power of such tool would be really low, so you can't drill any hardwood or press it. But, hey, it's a tiny drill anyway, that will break if you try to use power on it..

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I use the Dremel with a flex shaft attachment. I position the Dremel itself overhead so the shaft hangs pretty much straight down with enough slack to move around my worktable.

I seem to remember that ModelExpo or / or Micromark sold a battery device but do not know how well they held up.


There are a number of flex shaft type devices, some very light weight for both shaft and device, (Foredom comes to mind) but they can be expensive (a few hundred dollars) where the Dremel flex shaft is a fairly inexpensive accessory ($30 or so). If you do go the route of any of the flex shaft devices I recommend investing a few more dollars in a tall tool holder with a clamp. These can be had for around $10 or so.



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