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San Francisco II


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I don't think it was based upon a definitive actual ship, perhaps it was, but I am under the impression that is was merely an approximation for a galleon of the time.


Its your build so you are free to make it as you wish.


For me personally I paint the hulls of all my ships because I think that looks better. It is a personal preference and I love how white anti-fouling paint looks, and black gunwales. 

Kits owned: Mamoli Royal Louis, Mamoli Friesland, Mamoli HMS Victory 1:90, Occre Santisima Trinidad, Constructo HMS Prince

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Hi Vett, I made the San Francisco a couple of years ago and seeing some references I conclude than in those years the ships were not painted and the common way to protect the hull was to get inside rivers, where the freshwater kills the wood borers.


Saludos, Karl

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