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Airbrush vs Hand Brush

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I am still waiting for my first wooden ship model to show up in the mail so I have been reading a lot of build threads on this web site to gain some insight. I see that most people when painting the hull and whales use 20-30 thin passes with a paint brush so that the brush marks are not visible. Is there any reason that this preferable over using an airbrush with just a couple passes? I build military models so I already have the gear but I am guessing that the lack of owning an airbrush is not the only reason to not use one.

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I have an airbrush as like you I also build aircraft and armour. It was one of the best investments I made. However depending on what i am painting a hairy stick can be best. For my Granado I airbrushed the hull below the waterline. Just too big an area to get wrong. I also airbrushed the wales. For the interior I used a brush and I find 2 or 3 coats of thinned acrylic paint is just fine.


If I just built ships I am less convinced that an airbrush would be a sound investment but with over 60 aircraft built and a dozen or so tanks well.....

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