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  1. Well it's been awhile since I've done any work to my KOM. I went back to plastic models for a bit as things at work and home were just getting too hectic for a long term build. I happened to run out of primer for a 1/32 Tamiya Corsair I'm in the process of building so it gave me the perfect chance to finish off the engine room on the King and start planking the second level deck. I had some fine mesh from another model that I used for the windows. I tried painting them black but decided I liked the white better so went with that. I'm going to continue on with the paddle wheeler so hopefully
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Just spray on a couple of thinned coats of grey until you are happy with the result. The hull grey is fairly dark and it wouldn't take too many passes to completely erase the preshading if you are unhappy with it. I saw the flory model post about a month ago and have been trying to come up with a way to convince the wife why this kit would change our lives for the better! Your model is looking great and you should be proud with what you have accomplished so far.
  3. Thanks Garth! Your model looks great. I read that AL did a few changes to the most recent version and I was curious what the previous KoM looked like. I like the looks of it and I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit on a job well done! Did you have any issues with some of the prefab parts not lining up?
  4. Life has been busy for me of late so I haven't had much time to work on the KoM. I got some trim work done and assembled the next set of rooms for the main deck. I have to panel the walls and then start planking the second deck which doesn't quite match up to the wall tabs without a bit of force. I'll adjust one of the slots before planking so that the rear of the second deck is directly above the first deck. Hard to tell by the plans but I think this is how it should fit. That's all for now, folks!
  5. Yes CA gel will actually be called gel on the bottle. It works great for gluing live coral as well!
  6. Thank-you so much for the reply, you answered all of my concerns. I look forward to following along with your build!
  7. I'm sure if this what you are after but staining the sails in tea give them a more weathered, natural appearance.
  8. I will be using a clear coat on it as soon as I make up my mind on the tree nails and hull nails. I have some stuff somewhere around the house that I use on my scroll saw pieces, I like it because I can put it on white wood such as aspen and it won't yellow the wood at all. In the mean time I'm going to start on the first level rooms.
  9. Finally got the hull planked and sanded down. I'm still debating about the tree nails on the deck and trying to decide what would be the best method to use if I go this route. Also glued the deck to the hull. There wasn't even a single strip of the walnut planking left over in the kit. One of the strips was a very light walnut color but I guess it adds character. This is all that was left for walnut planking, just some end cuts. A few extra planks in the kit would have been nice in case even a single strip got messed up. I was hoping to plank the underside of t
  10. Michael, very nice work so far! This kit is of interest to me for a future build but if you don't mind I have a few questions for you. I should first explain why I have the questions, many years ago I bought a Billing Boats Wasa kit and dismayed to find that half of the kits contents were made of plastic and the planking was just single layer using very thin strips that couldn't be sanded down without damage. I have heard that BB has come a long way since then and their Victory kit looks pretty nice. First question, the main web site says that this kit is double plank on frame but the on-line
  11. Nice review, I do a lot of scrolling myself just never for model ships. My saw is getting close to 10 years old now and I have yet to use the guard. I even let my 11 year old daughter, who is a little clumsy, use it when she wants. I've hit the blade with my fingers a number of times and it doesn't even leave a scratch. The hole on your table is a little large for small pieces. My table has a pretty small hole but for really tiny piece I took a piece of plexi glass and drilled the smallest hole I could that let the blade through and then clamped it to my table with c-clamps. Plex or acrylic s
  12. I like the changes that you have made, it makes your KoM unique. I dabble in n scale myself and I think it's great that you are using some skills and parts from your train hobby into ship building. Your model is looking great and I'm hoping mine will look half as good when all is said and done.
  13. Thank-you, I did learn one thing on the first of the planking. Those 5mm wide strips vary a bit in width and I should have kept all of the pieces I chopped from each full length plank together. It would have saved me a bit of filing on some strips already glued to the deck and trying to match the same width strips later.
  14. Well I haven't accomplished very much since my last post. Two young girls and work keeps me pretty busy. Anyway, I got half of the first deck planked and I'm hoping to have the rest done this week-end. I will still have to add the simulated floor nails. I'm not sure yet about how I'm going to do this but I'll glue a couple practice planks on some scrap wood and see what I can come up with. Looks like we're going to be setting some record low temperatures this week-end so it's a good time to stay indoors and do some modeling anyway!
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