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What can you tell me about this ship?


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Hi all, so I'm in need of some information on a large wooden ship that I purchased. I love radio controlled models, I'm mostly into rc cars & trucks, but being a reseller, I come across models of all sorts and I find myself in these forums from time to time asking questions when my eyeballs are about to fall out from researching Google. So with this being said, I picked up this large wooden ship from a local estate sale about a year ago and sure could use some help with scale size and any other information that you might have on it. I've bought and sold a few rc ships/boats in the past, but nothing as grand as this ship, to me this thing is huge. Unfortunately it had been damaged on the top side and it looks like some of the parts are missing from it, but when I first laid my eye's on it, I knew I would be hauling it back home with me. Honestly, I really like it, it has been sitting on top of our tv armoire since I purchased it, but with a move pending, I'm afraid that it's going to have to find a new home as I won't have a space for it in my new place. So I've spent all morning researching these model ships and now my head hurts from trying to figure out exactly what I have here and I've found myself biting my finger nails thinking about the task of packing and shipping this fragile monster once I do sell it. So if anyone could help me out with some information on it, it would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a quick run down on the dimensions of this vessel:

It’s about 46” long and it’s about 6 ¼” at it’s widest and stands about 4 ¼” tall. It weighs in just shy of 9 lbs.


That’s about all I can add, you can see the rest for yourself in the photo’s.


Like I said, any help or information you might have on this thing would be of great help. Thanks in advance.
























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Hello, Damon, and welcome to the forum.


What you have is a model of a large steam cargo ship from the early part of the 20th century.  Unfortunately I don't think that there's a lot more can be said about it.


The name appears to be fictitious and, with the funnel missing, there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope of finding the company that owned her.



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Good Morning, Thank you for the information. Honestly, I had no clue that it dated back that far, I would have been way off if I took a stab at dating it myself. Yeah, it's a bummer that it's missing some of the major parts, I dug all around the basement at that estate sale hoping to find a box with the missing parts, but had no luck. The guy was into modeling of different sorts and someone had already purchased most of it, I figure he scooped up the missing parts. Oh well, at least I have more information on it now, every little bit helps when I go to list it. I found out this morning that my move date has been pushed up and now I'm crunched for time to get moved, so I'll be posting this on eBay this morning hoping for a quick sale. The only problem is, I don't know what to ask for it and won't have the time to let it run auction style. I'll do a little research this morning before I post it up and try to come up with a ball park figure for an asking price. Thanks again for all of the help and information, these model forums are the best, the people are always nice and always very generous with the wealth of information that they share.



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I just received a message from one of the members letting me know that I misunderstood the posts concerning the age of the model and now it all makes much more sense to me. I was sitting here looking at this ship while I sipped my coffee this morning and I just kept telling myself that it just doesn't add up, there is no way that the model was that old, lol... Oh well, guess I should have drank more coffee before reading the posts this morning. But a big thanks to JPZ66 for pointing that out to me and getting me on the right track, you guys are great, thanks... I'm going to go drink a few more cups of coffee, looks like I need them.



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I can see where Dan is coming from with Deans marine Damon.They do make a kit for a similar looking vessel.However all their kits have fibreglass hulls and the plating is moulded in.Looking at the inside of your hull,unless the inside has lead flashing in there for ballast,the hull isn't fibreglass plus the hull plating has been depicted using automotive masking tape and painted over.My gut feeling is this is a scratchbuild based on plans that were/are available from either Model boats or marine modelling magazine.A chap called Jim Pottinger produced scores of plans over the years,some of specific ships and some simpler ones for ships of a generic type e.g. a 'typical 1940's cargo vessel'You can search online and see if any of these plans match as,as far as I know the majority of vessels are illustrated on the respective websites.Try googling 'Nexus publications plans' and see what you come up with.That is the only one that comes to mind immediately,as I very rarely buy these magazines now as they have taken a big turn downhill.Sorry I can't be more specific

Kind Regards Nigel

Currently working on Royal Caroline

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this is a scratch built model,  that comes from the estate of the late Hal Ewing.   I'm not too keen on the MSW lore,  but he was friends with J.Hatch......they belonged to the same club together  {he might have see it}.   from what I've read,  the model is only a few years old.  it is based on an actual ship,  but the name is his moniker.   the hull is made of hard wood.   this is about all the info I could see on it,  although I did get a copy of a picture of one of Hal's dioramas {with permission}




it's not of the ship in question.....but you might see some resemblance of his work.

I yam wot I yam!

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