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Glueing card onto first layer planking?

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Hey there i'm currently building Mamoli Golden Hind and am up to glueing the card decorations onto the hull. is it better to dilute the glue acrylic. not sure with card have never seen them before. in fact had i known this kit came with card would probably not have bought it. but you live and learn and so far it looks good. any suggestions welcome and appreciated. 

cheers will post pics of build shortly and my first build Amati Santa Maria. also whilst i'm on a roll i served on HMAS Torrens in the RAN does anyone know of any models of her on the market in any incarnation, i.e., wood, plastic etc. or of any River class DE. cheers


Vossy the football god!

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Usually any wood glue will work just fine with card.  Remember that what we use is usually water based so you want to use a minimum amount of the glue to prevent breaking down the card. Using your usual gluing methods with that caveat should give you good results.


I prefer the card because it is easier to conform the decoration to any curves or bends, It doesn't snap like the cast metal types.

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Re HMAS Torrens question have you had a look at the Airfix range especially the Faulklands issue, there was a Leander class included which will require a serious bit of kit bashing, to make it look like the "Fluffy Ducks twin"(HMAS Swan).

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