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They do sell both the 23ml and the "mini" 10ml  http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/list/acrylic_1.htm

However, it appears that U.K. supplier The Hobby Company LTD. carries only the "mini" versions.

A year or two ago, The U.S. state of California changed its labeling laws for "hazardous materials", Tamiya was one of the companies that had to pull product from shelves and restock w/ new labels. (notice how much more dangerous your new label is than your old label ;) ) They obviously lost a lot of money in the process, and prices were consequently raised, probably to the point that some felt it uneconomical to carry the larger sizes...

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Testors did the samething when they bought out Floquil.  I liked the Polyscale acrylic.  Testor changed the nam to Model Master acrlic and bottled the paint inbottles that were half the vol.  More money.

David B

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Hahaha.  Been happening since they shrunk the Hershey bar back in the 50's.  Just noticed that they have shrunken the size of 5 pound bags of sugar (standard since the time of the Romans) to 4 pounds.  Keeps the price steady.



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