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Ship Model Cleaning and Restoration Needed in Boise ID - title edited by moderator


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Welcome aboard Lori,


This is a great site for learning/sharing tips and techniques.

May I advise you to start a buildlog of your build and post pictures.

That is the best way to get help and advise for your repairs.


Enjoy your stay here and good luck with your build.



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Hola Lori, first of all




I also started my last ship (Vasa) with restoration and repairing that was bad done. I assume you are dealing with a wooden ship, if so, what kind of repairs need you to do?


Saludos, Karl

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  • 4 years later...



I know yours is a four -year-old post, but...

In June of 2017 my wife and I moved to Star, Idaho from Valencia, California.

I am a professional builder of ship models, and have done many repairs of models over the years.

If you are still in need of assistance, give me a shout.




If you already had your model repaired, perhaps you can introduce me to whomever did the work. I have yet to meet anyone up here (except IPMS plastic modelers) who do what I do.


Thanks, and looking forward to your reply.

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Hey Windships, Note that Knightyo is in Boise. There's a pretty active bunch of model railroaders in Boise and I'm sure there must be a few cross modelers among them. Can't tell you where to start though,maybe look up NMRA members online. I'm in Lewiston about 250 miles north ,I get down to Boise about every five years. Most of my modeling freinds are north in Spokane.

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Hi Bill


Thanks for your reply. I'll follow your lead. One of these days we plan to get up to Lewiston, and to Sandpoint where my 1962 high school woodshop teacher retired. You're right of course, about the frequent intersection of ship modelers and model railroaders. We learn a lot from those folks.


All best, next time in Boise, give me a shout.



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