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  1. From your rope tutorial: "Hope this helps.........start making your own rope. It’s rewarding and FUN!!!!!! Until you have to make 1000 feet per day for seven days every week". This gave me a good lol. I hope you are able to move more into the areas that you gain the most satisfaction from (such as designing the Dutch Boyer, etc). 😁. Alan
  2. So I've gone off the deep end on the lighting aspect, but I've sure had fun along the way. I even quasi-documented the steps I took to make the cabin area lantern. Now I'm re-planking the deck, and will install the rest of the trim in order to hide the wires. It will be mighty satisfying to have the deck sanded and the grate re-installed so the light in the hull can be switched on. Then it will be time to re-do the quarterdeck. The quarterdeck I sawed off probably won't work, as it was perfectly flat all the way across; no camber at all. This kit has been made about a hundred times mor
  3. Hi Mark, I'm sure it's been mentioned, but I can't find what kind of finish you are going to apply to the planks. I've actually ripped the planking off my Syren and am replacing it with swiss pear along with the Pentart Patina discussed in the "Bitumen/asphalt" thread (found a supplier in Canada who still has a stock). I'm going to test it on a number of scrap planks first with mixture of mineral spirts and compare against tung oil, and probably a third candidate of some type. I'll give you a heads-up on the results if you have an interest. Alan
  4. I was surprised to see a post by someone from Boise, and then astounded to see someone else from Boise post as well! Welcome! My wife thinks I'm the only person in the world who is nuts enough to enjoy this hobby. It would be nice to prove to her someday that others do indeed exist. 😄 We have a number of posters/vets who also have PTSD. As you read the logs, you will be able to see who they are; there might be good opportunity for like-minded dialogue there. Take a look at this thread for how to maneuver throughout the forum, , etc -> https://modelshipworld.com/f
  5. Me Three! As I'm reading this, I'm eating a gigantic piece of pumpkin pie (with cream) to start my morning out right. (Anyone know how to lose around 50 lbs and have a washboard stomach in time for summer after the age of 50? Asking for a friend).
  6. Probably the most important thing in all of this is that you figure out a way to thank your wife for taking Thursday off work. Maybe present her a gift of one of your kits? Alan
  7. This is so true. In the past I've created things that I was proud of, as well as things I felt were complete rubbish. The funny thing is that (for me), oftentimes when I would build, I used to wonder what some future viewer would think of my work, when there was a very high probability that there never would be a future viewer. The piece would eventually be lost, broken, discarded, etc. Someone on this forum once mentioned that we should really only build for ourselves; I wholeheartedly believe this, and if I make something that I'm proud of, I enjoy it myself, and don't thin
  8. I'd use balsa wood! Just insert blocks cut to fit between the bulkheads and sand to shape. Balsa is incredibly easy to sand. Alan
  9. Oh no.... That figures.. Maybe I'll also end up being a candidate for a Byrnes saw. Maybe we can all get a group discount. lol Alan
  10. I've ordered pear for my Syren (below) from The Lumberyard (based in Ohio). It's supposed to arrive sometime this week. I've also been tempted to purchase a Byrnes, but six bucks for the material I need is fantastic, assuming the quality is good. Item:1 - Qty:4, Pear Wood - 2` x 24` (1/16), Price:$6.00 Alan
  11. Great photo! I was thinking you must have a massive telephoto lens, but it looks like you captured this at 150mm? Was this a fly-by visitor to a boat that you were traveling upon? Alan
  12. How about a model which wasn't designed for guns in the first place? Below is a photo from one of Chuck's threads regarding a Boyer. These are beautiful vessels! Alan
  13. Thanks guys! In addition to the lack of light, I can't even imagine how hard life would have been in general, especially on a ship at sea. I think I'd last a couple of weeks, tops. lol Alan
  14. Even though the model is currently a dusty mess, I'm absolutely ecstatic about this photo because it's showing the faint flickering light under the main deck grating which I just received from Evan Designs. The photo does also show the progress I've made so far in removing all of the wood from the cabin area. Now I just need to make the planking run uniformly from fore/aft, and build up the quarterdeck structure. This was a nice lunch break today. (I've copied/pasted what was ordered below. I have zero electronics experience, and for 11.19 USD, I was able to emulate a flickeri
  15. I've used Ebony for wales in the past. Never again. The dust was unbelievable, and apparently very unhealthy. Alan
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