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  1. The difference b/w the yellow cedar vs basswood is just night and day. I'm sold, and will actually never use basswood again on anything that will be visible to the viewer. Alan
  2. Man that's going to be crucially helpful to a lot of modelers. Did you by any chance try that with basswood scrap as well? I still remember the horror I felt when my initial staining of the Syren went awry, and spending hours of nervous work re-sanding, staining, applying washes, etc etc in order to end up with a decent finish. Alan
  3. Hi Mark, It sounds like you have a good support system. I went through a difficult time a number of years ago with no support system; it was "interesting". One thing which did help immensely however, was biking. If you have a good/safe area you can ride, I highly recommend it. 20 minutes into each ride (a ride lasting 2 hours, 2 or 3 times per week), my head would clear and things wouldn't seem as overwhelming. The additional physical benefits of the actual exercise were also amazing. Alan
  4. Chuck, I have downloaded the plans, but am forcing myself to finish my other projects first before starting. I should be good to go around 2030. I'd do 100% scratch, anyway (also thinking about reducing everything and creating a mini-model out of this). Alan
  5. Just my 2 cents Joe, but if you've already done the Syren, this project would be a great next step. Especially since it's going to be done in this forum format with so many builder logs, and the teacher always within hail.
  6. Chuck, how close do the dimensions of the Winchelsea match the Triton in general? I'm thinking the Triton builders might benefit from purchasing the Winchelsea plans as well? Alan
  7. So this little boat has been my nemesis for quite some time. I'm finally satisfied with the ribs. The amount of time it took to get these ________'s installed, sanded and shaped was immense. I'd wanted to show off the ribs, but the boat is so small my camera couldn't focus close enough. The photo below shows the boat next to the Syren's boat, for perspective. It's a little ironic they are both in the same stage of construction. Now I plan to finish up this little guy; my time is scarce, and it feels good to have this part done, so I can work on finishing up the rest of the model, and return to the Syren/Triton. Alan
  8. The planes will definitely be a challenge. It will also take a lot of time to install the appropriate RC gear so they can all be individually flown and landed on the flight deck.. Alan
  9. Whoever is trying to charge $100 USD for a 1/350 model should probably receive a kind note that they might want to think about reviewing their pricing structures. lol
  10. Welcome to the hobby! Since this is your first go, it might be a good idea to trace the bulkheads onto a very inexpensive, soft wood, and then practice planking the model with inexpensive soft wood planks. Maybe even over and over until you have the "feel" for how to do it. It's pretty easy to create test hulls to practice upon. Alan
  11. Hi Bob, It will be fun to follow this build! I built along with the original installments until life got in the way and I had to stop. My version has been at this stage since 2008. It will be a lot of fun to see someone else able to forge through completion. Alan
  12. Maybe even a V-1 and it's portable launching pad. How's that for interesting? 😀
  13. Greg, The below elevator looks incredible. It's really fun to see your work. P.S. Was there a specific book which inspired this build, or just an interest in alternate history in general? Alan
  14. My cats also insist on laying down on my work surface. In fact I believe my youngest cat also tried to sleep in the hull of my Triton at one point. lol Alan

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