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  1. This is gorgeous work, Chuck. I'd love to see you create a build log for your next build. It would be really fun to see how you go about creating a work of art such as this. Alan
  2. I agree with Mark. Don't feel bad if you have delays. I have a work in process log from 2008; I've got to be the recordholder in that respect. Also, check out the builds by RGL. He also works in 1:350 plastic, and shows fantastic weathering techniques. Alan
  3. Hi Mark, We just purchased a home in Brownsville. I figured there'd be a group or two in the Portland area, but not sure about Eugene/Salem area. Alan
  4. It's great to see another Idahoan joining the group. It sounds like the local group Mercator mentioned is a good one. I'd join myself, but will be moving to Oregon in about a week due to my job. Alan
  5. I tend to error on the side of being overly cautious, but since you'll be making a lot of these, I'm assuming you are using a respirator when making the ebony deadeyes, yes? Alan
  6. Just a quick note about copper tape. This zoomed-in photo shows the copper tape I used for my Syren. The tape was applied around 2008 or 2009. In the middle section, you can see where "flaking" is taking place. I'm not sure if all copper tape is like this or not. Alan
  7. When I was around 40, I was visiting my parents over the holidays and was in "my" room working on one of the little quarter gallery pieces for my Syren. (I used to carry a small toolbox wherever I went with parts I could work on during downtime). My older sister happened to stick her head in at one point, observed what I was doing, and proclaimed "you won't be able to do that much longer". As you can imagine, my verbal reply to her was more polite than the reply in my head).... But, I blew off what she said, and didn't think anything of it. I'd always been able to hold small pieces in my hands without magnification and work on them with perfect clarity. Now that I'm in my 50's, I dearly wish I could have my 40's eyesight again! I think it is indeed important to encourage younger modelers to enjoy the hobby as much as possible in their free time, as our abilities decline incrementally over time. Alan
  8. "I could post pictures (depending on internet on board) periodically of the ship at sea and life on board" Yes! It would really be fun to see photos of your upcoming adventure. Alan
  9. Thanks Druxey, I really enjoyed the content on that page. Alan
  10. I'll bet a lot of the people watching that news report were thankful they didn't live here right now. lol Alan
  11. It's going to be over a hundred in Boise again today. I don't even know how many days in a row it's been now, with no relief in sight. Yikes! Alan
  12. That rope is just stunning. I hope Dan has plenty of interesting podcasts lined up in his queue because I have a feeling the rope demand will be high. 😄 Alan
  13. If you have time, check out Netsuke carving on YouTube. It's just unreal what some of those artists carve; I think they mostly all have to create their own tools tho. Alan
  14. The bottom-most pieces on each side give me the shivers on the difficulty scale. The carvings look great! Alan
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