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  1. I also wanted to thank you for creating this log. I've never been satisfied with the finish on my basswood Syren, and your log has been a gold mine of great information. Your model looks sensational! Alan
  2. I don't think it rubbed off at all, Bob. Although, if the nails stayed in the bag for a longer duration and blackened up more, perhaps some of that might have come off? I'm not sure; it's an easy test to do however, provided you can find eggs which haven't been hoarded. lol Alan
  3. Yes. I've attached a photo showing my experiment with the egg method. As you can see, there was a variation in color. I think I should have left the nails in the bag with the egg a bit longer. In fact, they may all be going back in the bag, as I'm going to use them for my Nina instead of my Syren. Still debating that tho, as the Nina hull is very dark, and I kind of like the variation in color on these. I'm also going to take off the poorly done hinge straps below, resurface the overall finish of the sides and replace with more "darkened/blackened" copper straps at some point on my Syren. Alan
  4. If you guys want to stay away from chemicals, a number of overboiled eggs mashed up in a Ziploc bag with your parts also creates a pretty cool effect. Alan
  5. I'll second the recommendation on Citadel paints. I don't think they can be beat. I'm not a good painter, but the paint is so easy to use, the below came out pretty well. Alan
  6. Has anyone else's admiral cut back on the "honey-do" lists which require hours of driving and standing in stores on the weekends? I had more modelling time to myself yesterday than I've had in years. At this rate, I'll be able to finish the gratings on my Nina, weather my ship-in-a-bottle, and actually re-start the Syren/Triton projects. That's quite a silver lining.. This pandemic might turn out to be a boon for companies which sell models/crafts/etc.. Alan
  7. The new hearing aids are now adjustable thru your phone. You can apparently adjust them while in restaurants to focus on sound coming from directly in front of you, so you can hear your admiral better. Alan
  8. The hull looks fantastic, Mark. That should make for a great planking surface! Alan
  9. That canopy work is absolutely gorgeous. Alan
  10. Thanks Josh I found the music for free within Youtube for that one. I think I like the music better than the video I made. lol Alan
  11. Thanks Mike! It was a lot of fun to do a POB and not worrying whatsoever about aligning planks from side to side. Alan
  12. (I'm thinking of adding rigging as well since the masts are not glued in, and everything can be taken back out of the bottle fairly easily)... Alan

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