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Battlestation by Floyd Kershner - FINISHED - Panart - Scale 1:23 British Man of War 1815

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Reading Italian was only one of the challenges with this kit. It did require a bit of Kit bashing. I bought the kit on Ebay and found it was missing key pieces. This is when I got my first personal experience with Model Shipways guarentee. I reached out to them and I was honest that I did not buy the kit from them. They told me that they no longer carried this kit but they did have some left over spare parts and sent them to me no charge! I have always gone out of my way since them to buy from them whenever possible.






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I was not satisfied with the Hammocks so I designed my own and learned how to tie a marlinspike hitch. I created a couple of Hammock to hang from the hooks and used starch to get them to hang right. I then added netting to the Hammock cranes and rolled and tied enough hammocks to fill them. Yes that is the Admiral's Iron and Kitchen counter. I was under a watchful eye. I used seam tape to fold the seams in and get rid of freyed edges.







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Finally there was the rigging of the gun ports and the assembly of all the sub parts. I should say that I learned to like the detail available when you are working in this scale. Calking was provided by very thin strips of wood that were exactly as wide as the deck planks were thick. I also calked the exterior hull and imporved the very poor walnut provided for the hull wall of the ship.




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I ordered a custom nameplate and used my router to create a display base. I also used some epoxy to simulate water in the water buckets. In this last picture you will also see that I created sail bags for the crew and hung them on the wall.



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I have lost some of the details of this kit. But I hope this log is of interest. Here is the finished product. It has sat on my desk to help me remember there was a time other than those endless hours I spend in front of a computer. You will also note the hidden joke that no one will understand if you are not a member of this forum. I set the mess table with 3 squares.











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