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Bluejacket Constitution

mort stoll

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There are a number of Constitution builds taking place on MSW. Most are the Model Shipways and Revel version. There are one or two Mamoli versions. To date having a member of MSW for six or seven years dating back to the old forum I have only seen one Bluejacket Connie build. Since this kit is advertised as the ship was "back in the day" I would think more members would want to build this version than any other.


I bought the Mamoli version not realizing that version was as she was after her 1929 refit. When I became aware of the Bluejacket kit I immediately bought it and will build it one day. The Model Shipways kit is as she is today.





The Mamoli kit is a beautiful model and was well worth the time and money spent on it. The plans and materials I had no problem with.

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Mort -


I too find it odd that there have not been many Bluejacket Connie builds across this and other forums.  It may be that the smaller scale combined with the very high price tag is the ultimate deterrent.  It is also based on a carved hull, which might turn some folks off...


Arguably, the two most accurate kits for her 1812 representation are the Revell 1/96 and the Bluejacket 1/96 - both at the extreme ends of the price scale.  I've elected to build the Revell kit to get a War of 1812 version, but I've ordered some of the nice Bluejacket components to enhance my build.  Perhaps the best of both worlds...


Hopefully we will see your effort posted on MSW in the near future.



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Thanks for the quick replies.

Evan, I agree the hull shape may have something to do with it and the price also. The Bluejacket kit does not come with hull or deck planks or copper plates. For that matter  Mamoli does include deck planks and not  copper plates but does include faux plates of wood. Bluejacket plans say to paint the hull black above and copper below the water line. Bluejacket offers copper plates, hull and deck planks at an extra cost of $250 to $300 which I gladly paid as I wanted a planked hull and partially planked deck as I plan to expose the Captains cabin and gun deck. One can rip their own planks with a Barnes saw which I did not have at that time.  The bluejacket fittings are that britanic metal may turn some people off.  However I have done some ship restorations with their metal fittings and was quite satisfied with the results. 



I too built the Revel kit- with no modifications - and was very pleased with the finished product. 


Tom - I cannot agree more. As a satisified customer for 31 years, if one pays attention to the Model Shipways emails and is patient one can get any kit at the price they want.



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As one of the Mamoli kits under construction I will have to say that I am enjoying the Mamoli kit. The instructions leave a great deal to the builder. There are also flaws in them. For instance, the Spanker mast is shown too short in the kit. Without this forum, I would not have the model in the shape it is currently in (which is good shape I think). I have done a bit of bashing on the kit using AOS, this forum, past builders (thank you Mort) and other material such as that from the Navy archives. However, I would assume that most of the builders would also do the same.


The wood is great in the kit. The fittings are hit and miss. Some of them are great, some of them I have discarded and built my own. The metal quarter gallery fittings were poorly shaped and required a great deal of finessing and bending and patching to make work. The kit did not come with enough material to rig the cannons but that was easily rectified - Thanks to Chuck and Syren Ship. While I have a lot of wood working experience, I have not had much ship building experience so I cannot compare the various kits, other than my reading of the MS instructions and looking at what others have done. I will be very happy with the Constitution once I complete it. However, I think that it is really what care you put into the build whether plastic, or wood that really makes a difference.



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