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  1. Back in the day if a line separated they would I believe graft both ends together "as for splicing" and woven together and then seized. It's explained and nicely illustrated in Chapter 10 in " Young Officer's Sheet Anchor" by Lever. Mort
  2. Hi Will, When I installed the stern gallery windows I glazed them as you did. As luck would have it during the course of construction I broke 2 of them. I'm now working on the stern the quarter galleries and just finished installing the window frames #'s 510, 511, 512. I glazed all of the window frames before I glued them on and they all look fine. If I didn't know the glazing was missing on 2 windows I wouldn't know. Also as an added plus the window frames act as sort of a guard as the as the glazing is behind the frames. Hope this helps. Keep up the great work. Any questions, don't hesitate, Mort
  3. Completed the flag lockers - they look better in person - and started work on the stern.
  4. Hi Allan, Gratings are from Syren - Chuck Passaro - not from the kit. Checkered floor pattern I learned to make through Bob Hunts Rattlesnake Practum. I will be happy to post pictures from my build as to how I did it if you like. I already have signed up through the Jersey Club for the Trafalgar Series. Hope it comes to pass. Mort
  5. Completed the bow head rails, gratings , cat-heads and the figure heads. Took me awhile to get it organized but it worked out fairly well. Poop deck is planked - with maple - and just about complete. Am now working on the flag lockers. Stay safe and well, Mort
  6. Great job. Sorry if I missed it but where did you get the fabric for the sails and what did you use for the hammocks? I have used tissues in the past for hammocks but yours look great. Thanks, Mort
  7. Hi Will, I carefully bent the copper plates using the small Exacto chisel blade as sort of a bending aid for support . I put the blade over the plate and bent it. I trimmed them with an Exacto chisel, a Dr. Slick microtop scissor - used in fly fishing - and a cuticle scissor. The plates are easy to shape as they are not that thick. Hope this helps, if not don't hesitate. Keep up the great work, Mort
  8. Yes you can. I coppered my rudder and dry fitted it and then put it away until after I complete the stern. It's a matter of choice. I wanted to complete all of the copering in one step.
  9. I would do the gun port linings now and then copper the hull and rudder but not install the rudder until later in order to avoid damaging it during the stern assembly. Hope this helps, Mort
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