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  1. You can make your own dead eye rings out of wire or black thread. Simply wrap them around the dead eye, mount them and you should be good to go. Hope this helps, Mort
  2. Can't thank you enough for your posts. You have no idea how much I admire and respect your build. Keep up the great work Stay safe and well, Mort
  3. Hi Robert, If it were me I would paint them black so everything matches. Be safe, and keep up the wonderful work. Mort
  4. Well done sailor. Very, very well done. Mort PS Where did you get those figures? They are wonderful.
  5. Hi Mark, I use DAP Weldwood Contact Cement. It's not the same as the cement you would use on plastic models. Fact is I don't what it's used for. It's just contact cement. My mentor used it and whatever he said ALWAYS worked. I have been using it since 1986 with no longevity problems at all. In fact I just had a new can delivered 2 weeks ago for my Victory. Same brand, it's supposed to be low odor except it takes about an hour to dry. If not I go back to the other contact cement. Mort
  6. Hi Mark, Meant to add that since there is cement on both the hull and plate there's no issue with the corners. Should a corner rise up I gently press it down.
  7. Hi Mark, I think I'm in the minority as I use contact cement when I copper a hull. I buy it in 3 ounce bottles, which keeps the fumes down and also apply it with the windows open. The bottle contains a small brush for application. I brush a thin covering onto the hull - a 3x3 or 4X4 area. I then apply it to each copper plate - yes it's time consuming. By then - approximately 15 minutes - the glue on the hull has begun to cure and I then copper the hull. I like contact cement because I have a few minutes to reposition the plates after I apply them if necessary, as oppo
  8. very nice. very, very nice. you're doing a wonderful job. keep up the great work. mort
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