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  1. it is a beautiful build. well worth all the time and effort. enjoy yourself. mort
  2. great job. a quick thought. why not cut away part of quarter deck and fore castle? don't plank them entirely, partially. it's a pity to cover/hide such nice work. you can even go as far as not mounting any boats mid ship. build them and mount them on the display base along side or being towed astern. any way keep up the great work. mort
  3. thank you for your kind words. so far i am very happy with the kit. she's big. very big. she's going to go in my son's office as the admiral is still very upset over the size of the diana. the lower gun port pattern and 8 planks are attached and i am hoping to have a fellow club member help me post pictures. mort
  4. i have the kit under my table and intend that as my next build, hopefully. isn't the aos of the uss constitution as she was during the 1927 refit? i also have the bass book " constitution super frigate of many faces second phase 1802-07. they use the corne painting of her at tripoli as a source. it's an interesting book. mort
  5. your mid and aft planks look very good. etnz is correct wood filler and second planking will make everything work. keep up the great work, mort
  6. middle gun port patterns are glued in place, i have glued gun port battens to both sides of lower gun ports. just have to check alignments and glue them in place - not as easy as it sounds. i have also made and glued the 2 side entry doors in place - thank you dominick - i think longridge mentions them also. the aos shows and longridge mentions that there was a small grate by the entrance doors which i have also made and will attach. the victory owners manual and the aos show a rectangular base which i will install beneath the mast collars at the main mast. since i can't figure out how much of the middle gun deck will be visible i will build the main and aft hatch gratings on the middle gun deck and perhaps the companionways both fore and aft of the main mast. hope everyone had a great day, mort
  7. no one is perfect. you're doing a great job. keep up great work. mort
  8. since last post - no photos yet sorry - have completed planking middle gun deck - have to sand and varnish it- and have glued #270 - top gun port patterns - on both sides - thanks to glenard and roberts helpful posts. am also gluing battens - thank you glenard - around gun ports on middle #271 and lower patterns #272. mort
  9. thank you for your kind words my friend and your build logs - which I have followed from day 1. you are the best my friend, the best. mort
  10. hi, i have a question to other victory modelers. how much of the middle gun deck is visible once the upper gun deck and quarter deck are in place? i am asking because i am planking the middle gun deck and i noticed in the aos victory that within the planked area there deck is furniture - hatches, a capsan, etc. - and i am wondering if i should add that to the model even though caldercraft does not. thanks, mort

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