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  1. I've always used either Elmers Wood Filler or Water Putty, and then I sand the hull in order to smooth it out. Mort
  2. I would contact Model Shipways. I wouldn't be surprised if they replaced the subpar fittings. Mort
  3. When I dry fitted my bulworks they were not the proper height. I had to trim the lower edge of my inner bulwork in order for the guns to be properly aligned. I believe I had to trim 3-4 mm from the lower edge. Mort
  4. I had to add a another gun port to both the lower and middle gun deck at the bow. Count the gun ports on the template and the plans, sheets #2 and #5. Plans show 16 ports, templates only have 15 cut out. Mort
  5. Finally completed the stern and quarter galleries. Definitely for me the most difficult part of the build so far. It was difficult to shape those baluster patterns and the decorative brass strips. I still have to varnish the stern and quarter galleries. I also just finished the side entry port and steps. I added rope lines to the steps even though the kit doesn’t show them as I couldn’t imagine those older admirals being able to climb those steps without them, Stay safe and well, Mort
  6. Back in the day if a line separated they would I believe graft both ends together "as for splicing" and woven together and then seized. It's explained and nicely illustrated in Chapter 10 in " Young Officer's Sheet Anchor" by Lever. Mort
  7. Hi Will, When I installed the stern gallery windows I glazed them as you did. As luck would have it during the course of construction I broke 2 of them. I'm now working on the stern the quarter galleries and just finished installing the window frames #'s 510, 511, 512. I glazed all of the window frames before I glued them on and they all look fine. If I didn't know the glazing was missing on 2 windows I wouldn't know. Also as an added plus the window frames act as sort of a guard as the as the glazing is behind the frames. Hope this helps. Keep up the great work. Any questions, don't hesitate, Mort
  8. Completed the flag lockers - they look better in person - and started work on the stern.
  9. Hi Allan, Gratings are from Syren - Chuck Passaro - not from the kit. Checkered floor pattern I learned to make through Bob Hunts Rattlesnake Practum. I will be happy to post pictures from my build as to how I did it if you like. I already have signed up through the Jersey Club for the Trafalgar Series. Hope it comes to pass. Mort
  10. Completed the bow head rails, gratings , cat-heads and the figure heads. Took me awhile to get it organized but it worked out fairly well. Poop deck is planked - with maple - and just about complete. Am now working on the flag lockers. Stay safe and well, Mort
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