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Opinions wanted... preferences on Endeavour kits

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I am thinking of kit bashing an Endeavour kit as Captain Cook would have sailed her..


As some of you have seen my mermaid 'warm'up kit, what kit will suit me best, knowing that I like to scratch a lot of deck items, whilst being as close to historically accurate as possible..?? And at similar scale to 1:48


I have heard good things about occre kits.


Please just provide your opinion and let's not start any debates, please :) kind regards ollie

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There's also the CalderCraft one. I've been following a build of this on MSW for some time:


HMB Endeavour by Captain Slog 

Edited by CaptainSteve

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I made the Artesania L. Endeavour a couple of years ago, adding some extra details by my own.  As always there are little flaws in instructions and materials, but nothing serious.  You can see my model in the Gallery (pointing in my signature).  Hope it serves of some help.



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Thanks guys.. I won a bid on the 1:60 Al kit, think I got a great price for. $160 including delivery.. It's been shelved since the mid 80's. Not sure if this means a good purchase or not.. We will see.. I'm thinking the older kit may hold some "old school good quality" or some old materials with quality issues.. Either way I will be bashing I'm sure, so I just hope the hull shape is close to correct.. Regards Oliver

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