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  1. I know it's scary. I have a moisture absorber in the cabinet that the mermaid lives in, and a hygrometer to keep an eye on things.. I noticed some mould on the keel and bulkheads already. Regards
  2. Thanks Divarty.. I appreciate it.. I have actually been coming close to feeling starting on something, could even be the big girl yet, i think i need to take Greg's approach, maybe just focus on the hull and see what happens.. The monsoon will give me some spare time again.. although Im a bit freaked out by mould in the house we live at.. Ollie
  3. I have a fetish for all things history.. I have a hobby of finding old relics. yesterday i found an interesting coin... it will go well next to my mermaid as she was made in india also.. India straits ONE CENT 1862. Minted in calcutta India.. http://www.obsoletecoin.com/2013/02/straits-settlements-india-straits-coin.html#ixzz391mlEvLk I find all sorts of things.. Ollie
  4. http://www.astrolabebooks.com.au/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=4893 yes he was wrong, but still got a bargain regards
  5. excellent sapphire, you are right, what a man.. i am getting a loan of the book from a friend who scored it for like $20 in obscure bookshop, he said it cost 600 on ebay, cheers for reply mate..
  6. Thanks for the wise words guys.. I fell a little dissapointed in myself. But all good. I may just shelve the kit for later down the track.. Thanks so much for the support and interest gang
  7. Hi guys, I have decided this was too a big a step up and has put me off modelling.. I need to do something with less commitment than the last, business is taking over my time again.. And i miss my shed.. I am looking to sell this kit on and do something smaller like a POF longboat kit.. If anyone is interested in this kit or you know someone, let me know.. Its a great kit. Regards Ollie
  8. Thanks guys, I actually feel a bit daunted by it and kind of in two minds about when to start.. Sometimes i feel like getting into it but not enough enthusiasm built yet.. you guys are a great help.. I feel like a beginner all over again.. Will keep you posted all..
  9. It is clear to see you are making vast improvemnts in your abilities. well done mate, as others said shes looking just fine.. keep at it mate.. Ollie
  10. Those stairs look good enough to walk down (looks real) Well done mate, looking real sharp as usual
  11. I am thinking of doing this sopwith also Brian, is it very enjoyable build..? It is on special for 200 atm... I saw a log where a guy makes cowling for engine. looked really good.
  12. Yes, the first is a bit of a thing isn't it..? I think i started breaking stuff yesterday just so I could keep going . Cheers Alistair, you have been a major influence and help on this journey..
  13. Ok gang! That is it for the HM Mermaid If i muck around with anything else i will damage things in the pursuit of 'tidying up'.. Im a little haphazard with rigging.. It was a bit of a battle at the end.. Ok so I have rattled off a bunch of pics and i will try some more on a sunny day, the overcast light does work well though, a couple of these are indoor under lights... Ollie
  14. Cheers Tom.. That is good to know John.. I wish i asked before... I think i might have to stick with this method though.. Im having enough trouble getting these fitted.. theres not much space betewwn belaying pin and belayed line, this way i can just hook that one loop over... The cord i have left is not that great.. Regards Ollie
  15. Thanks gang... John, The AL Endeavour should fit but a bit tight to look as good.... I really think i like the smaller ships anyway.. Looking at the plans and im a bit daunted by the big girl, perhaps i should have grabbed a long boat.. So it has taken me some time to get my technique going for these rope coils for belaying points... How do you think they are looking? The sun is out today! So an outdoor shoot. We have had the strangest weather this year,, rain and cloud for months... Ollie
  16. What you have done so far looks really good... Your planking looks to be going well... I like the figures, they look the right size too.. i couldnt seem to find any for 1:48.. keep it up... Regards
  17. You are doing a lovely job there Donny. I will be also building the Endeavour (starting soon) I will keep an eye on your proceedings.. regards Oliver
  18. Hi gang, hope you are all well... Well the glee continued today.. I negotiated the cabinet for a price i liked and got my mate to help me move it and set it up... When i got it all setup and light turned on i couldn't believe how well it suits.. There is a even gap all around the ship, same distance from top of mast to top and bow and stern to sides.. Anyway the photos really don't do it justice,, It was just meant to be.. It is not completely airtight, (gaps between glass.. but i think that is good in this environment to have some amount of airflow.... I made a jig and started co
  19. If you try using strips of wood as spacers between the treads it keeps them parallel and if their ends are sanded exactly square on some sort if jig/sanding disc, they go together quite easy.. I do them in a stack with tape, so they all come out identical. I spot weld them with ca then wood glue after.. get the angles on bottom of risers right and rest should follow off that. Hopefully that makes some sense.. Regards :-) oh and I wouldn't worry about cutting grooves into risers, that gets very tricky.. That is me though.
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